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nursing cat w/ inverted nipple?

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Hi. Im fostering for a local shelter, and my mother cat appears to have an inverted nipple. It is one of the ones very high up - the ones often not used. I found it because there has been some discharge, and it was getting in her fur.

I brought her in to the doctor. He is quick to make snap judgements sometimes, and told me he thought it was an abcess because it seemed "too high up". well a moment later we saw her corrosponding nipple on the other side. Im pretty convinced it is just an inverted nipple. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing, and if so, what would be an appropriate treatment?
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I would take her to a second vet, I know the only cat I ever saw with inverted nipples (all of her nipples were inverted) she had mastitis, and it was to late for anyone to help her and she had to be put to sleep.

You can try till you get her to another vet to take a warm damp cloth and place it on the nipple holding it firm but gentle until the cloth cools down. If she tolerates it. But I would certainly look for a second vet and let them look at her
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I agree with hissy. An inverted nipple in a cat almost always means mastitis (an infection in the mammary gland). You also said ther was a discharge. This cat needs to see another vet and be put on a course of antibiotics.
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Definetly get a second opinion. If you feel this vet always jumps to a quick decision maube you should look to changing vets. Sometimes problems with cats can not be diagnosed with a "quick decision"
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He did originally suggest mastitis when I asked about a nipple being inverted, and she is on antibiotics. The kittens are still nursing, and the other nipples are all in good condition, its just the upper one that she does not use. she's eating drinking and acting ok otherwise.. the discharge is milky in appearance and it isn't all the time. It is not uncomfortable for her at all.

Its just really strange.
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