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These kitties will soon die!!

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I saw these and It made me so sad....these beautiful cats will die if no one adopts them!!! I hope someone can adopt them!

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Sadly, this is kitty season and many cats and kittens are slated to die. There just simply is no room in a lot of shelters. To prevent this travesty- spay and neuter your pets!
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I hope it is ok to post this on here, but I e-mailed this organization in the past about a cat they had on tehir site, and they basically e-mailed me back to paypal them immediately or he'd die. I do understand that they have expenses, but the whole tone of thier communication (at least IMO) was more focused on the money then the cat. Nonetheless, it is an all too tragic reality that there really are thousands of animals out there who will die in the next couple of months, for no other reason then that nobody wants them. Truly truly sad.
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I am balling right now..I want them all.....but i dont have the money nor the space for them......please if there is a kitty god find them good homes in time
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Maybe i have lived a very sheltered life (my mum never let me watch the end or sad parts of movies such as bambi and homeward bond) but when i saw those little faces and then read the big bold red type about them being on death row and never experiencing love i have to admit it has made me cry
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Nebula11/Anniebelle..this was dated from June..but sadly....lots of kittens are put down because there are too many and not enough homes.

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