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Up Close & Personal!

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This picture is a couple of months old but still makes me smile. Nakita's favourite thing is to play for a bit on the bed right before I go to sleep at night. Here she is, up close and personal! Notice the *BIG* paw!

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AWWWWWWW...... that is so sweet!!!
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Why hello there Nakita.... Pretty Girl
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Hi Nakita! She is so pretty
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Beautiful, as always, Nakita!
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Nakita is so beautiful! And playful too!!
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She is beautiful! You must really enjoy her!
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Awww I can't see the pictures
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Awwww she's gorgeous
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Woo I can see it now! Man Kass I LOOOOOOVE Nakita. She's so absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this picture.

Pssst. More please?
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what a totally stunning girl!!!! gorgeous gorgeous photo
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She just amazes me every time I see her - she is just stunning and what a cutie pie!!
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I swear if I didn't have so many I'd make plans to come catnap her! Sigh, she's sooooooo pretty!
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Finally I can see this picture.. That's a wonderful picture! But you can't get away with just sharing one.. LOL! yaz both!
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What a great "Caption This" picture-

Human, I am speaking to *you*!
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Beautiful as ever!
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