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Hi Stephanie,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and Sierra. I hope everything works out well for both of you. My heart is with you both.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Could it be cooler in the sink for her?!.
That's a good point - when Max was stuck in the bathroom when we first got him, he used to sleep in the bathtub because it was cooler then!

Anyway, you and Sierra will be in my thoughts until I hear the news... I hope Sierra doesn't get too stressed and feels calm since you're with her! I also hope there's nothing the matter with her... please continue to update us on how she's doing.
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Sending good vibes.

YOu know ask Hissy about the sink thing, that might just be a cat thing. I mean you are correct to be concerned, but mine doesn't weird things like that just cause he is curious etc.
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Thank you soooo much, Ashley, Susan, Sandra, E,S&S, Maria, Ariana, Marge!You guys are the greatest! Wow, if I could only express how very much your support means to us!

Yes, about the sink, MA has explained that cats frequently retreat to a sink when they are upset or feverish because it feels cool and comforting. Either way, it is a change in behavior, and this, naturally, causes me concern. Thank you guys for your wonderful suggestions and advice, and all the more for being here for us!
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Sweety get well soon
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I will be thinking of you both tomorrow, and wishing for a smooth trip, and good lab results. I still think Sierra is wanting the comfort of a snuggle space - like being back in the womb, and think a snuggle type bed might help (you could locate the bed near your computer )
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I had no idea you were having trouble this week. And she's still sitting in the sink? I will be watching for your post tomorrow.
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Stephanie, you and Sweet Sierra will be in my thoughts. Lots of vibes heading your way from me and my gang!
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Stephanie, I'm sorry to hear Sierra has been having some down days. I sure hope she feels better soon. As for the howling, Sash does this too, actually for the past year or so he sometimes will howl loudly at night sometimes when he comes out of the bathroom. I thought he's perhaps becoming a bit senile?? I don't know, but his bloodwork was ok in Sept. I just took it as he's now a little bit older. I'm not sure though, he does do it occasionally. I certainly understand how worried you must be in going tomorrow, I know that awful feeling I sometimes think I'm gonna give myself an ulcer. Sierra with certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything goes well for you both.
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Sierra says thank you so much, Sharky!

Yes, this is very likely the case, Pat. Will you please let me know if there a particular bed you would recommend? I would really appreciate your opinion of the best item. I'll order it right now!

It's not that Sierra is having a particularly bed week, Chris. It's just that she has had several episodes like this in the past couple of weeks, so I feel it's best to go ahead and get her in. Thank you for caring about us so much!

Thank you so much, LInda, to you and your babies for keeping my baby girl in your thoughts!

Lisa, I know you really understand. I wouldn't think your precious boy would be getting senile, we just can't have that! It may be a good idea, though, if you are concerned about his new behavior, for Sash to have another exam where you could check his labs again. It couldn't hurt, right, and many people take their kitties in more frequenty once they reach a certain age. Thank you, again, for for your understanding, prayers, and support!
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I think you are doing absolutely the right thing by taking Sierra to the vet specialist tomorrow. The changes in behavior would worry me, too. When you have a cat with special health circumstances, you have to be attuned to these things. Cats are so subtle sometimes (well, at least, "subtle" to humans) in how they communicate their problems to us.

I know that taking Penelope to the vet specialist who is 15 minutes away is torturous for both of us, so I can imagine how stressful a three hour trip must be. I also know, like me, you will probably have to drive with one hand most of the trip. Penelope will not stop crying unless I put a hand in the carrier to pet her. It's funny because even when I take my hand out for a couple of seconds she starts crying again.

Anyway, I am very worried about you and all the stress you are undergoing lately. I know tomorrow is going to be a very difficult day for you so I'm sending many many prayers your way.

P.S. Penelope and Molly wanted to tell Sierra that she shouldn't be scared because her mommy will be with her every step of the way.
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You're just so very kind, Colleen! I know you've certainly been there, and you have taken such wonderful care of Penelope when she was so ill, and continue to be such a great Mommy to your girls!
You're absolutely right, I end up driving almost the entire trip with one hand on the wheel and the other in Sierra's kennel! It's the only way she will relax at all.
Thank you so much for your friendship and prayers, Colleen, and for caring so much about all that's going on right now. Sierra sure does appreciate your excelent advice Penelope and Molly! She sends a big Thank You!
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Stephanie, I think.. When I have migraines, i do lay down with an Ice Pack.. the cold naturally lowers your blood pressure, so perhaps she's regulating herself by laying in it? It definately is concerning- Good luck tomorrow, I'll wave at you from Fuquay ^.^
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Wow, Denise, that's quite a revelation! Thank you so much for telling me about that!
Won't that be neat, we'll be so close by to eachother tomorrow!
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I'm ashamed to say I haven't checked this thread in awhile.
I'm sorry to hear your sweet little girl's not been feeling well lately. I think you're doing the right thing taking her in..changes in behavior are always a cause for concern.
Sending good vibes to the both of you, I can't imagine my cats having to go on such a long ride to the vet. Our vet is only 5 minutes away (less if traffic is good) and they get very overwhelmed in that short time.
Give Sierra a for me.
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Thank you so much, Diane! Your support is so very special to us!

We're on our way out in just a bit, will let you guys know when we get home!
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Any news? I hope she's okay, and am keeping my fingers crossed.
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For a minute i thought they were back when i saw your post Hope Sierras not too stressed
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Dang! I was hoping the same thing Susan! I've been pacing the floor all day worrying about both of them!
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I was hoping she'd be home now, too.
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
I've been pacing the floor all day worrying about both of them!

Me too, I kept coming back to the computer quite often to see if there's any news. Keeping my fingers crossed too.
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Hi everyone, I will let Steph update, but she just called me from the road and everything is ok....Sierra's labs will be back soon and she is just resting right now. Everyone is quite tired!! I was on the phone w/Eric and blabbing so I missed speaking with her directly, darn it, as she was also going through labs with her Gran for some other issues that meant a lot to me to know about-- and her Gran is great! No cancer! so today has been pretty good for our Steph and Miss Sierra is going to get through it, too! But nothing ominous and I will wait for Stephanie now as it's her thread. <WHEW!>
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Thanks E ! Great news about her gran too!
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That is great, I had no idea about Stephanie's Gran.
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Oh thats brilliant! thanks E. I didn't know about her gran but thats great news also!!
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Oh, that's TERRIFIC NEWS!!! I'm so happy!
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ooops, then maybe I misspoke. Stephanie: I'm sorry, baby. I just was so happy, it sounded like a miracle! I was so happy for your relief and all.
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Awww E i'm sure Steph will be ok, especially that it's good news!
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
ooops, then maybe I misspoke. Stephanie: I'm sorry, baby. I just was so happy, it sounded like a miracle! I was so happy for your relief and all.
E, I did know about it, and if the news is that good, it does sound like a miracle to me!
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Wow, have I told you guys lately how much you mean to me?! We have finally returned home after quite a challenging day. She was upset on the way there for a while, but finally settled down with my hand in the kennel with her and her little sweet chin in my hand.She was still a bit groggy on the way back, but when we first got in the car, she was so upset she was panting.I held her until she calmed, and then after driving for a while, she again settled down the same as before.
Sierra was so upset at the Hospital. When they attempted to get her blood pressure while she was awake, she got so upset, she urinated all over the front of my sweater, then jumped up on my back and did the same all down my back Poor baby. They sedated her to perform a full physical assessment, fundal exam, check her BP, and draw blood. She has lost more weight, not good. Her blood pressure is again extremely elevated, even with her sedated. I'm so happy, though, her Sp. Gravity, BUN and Creatinine levels are within normal limits! Each is normal by only one point, but what's wonderful is they are normal! Her fundal exam had not changed from the previous one. Her T4 will be back tomorrow. I will speak to her Dr. once we know the result of that. If it is elevated, it could be attributing too her occassional unusual behavior and frequent vomiting episodes. If not, he wants to do furthur testing.
We sure were happy to get home! Sierra was upset at first, but she has now eaten and is sleeping here at my right arm.She has her neck and a portion of her tail shaven, her new special fashion statement! Her eyes are so sleepy and have ointment around them. My sweet baby girl will feel better after she rests a while. I'm just so proud of her!

About my Grandma, yes, Cindy, a miracle is the exactly the word I would use, too! To clarify, last week, my Grandma had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This, as you can all imagine, came as a terrible shock. She was referred to a Specialist whom she saw today. I asked only a couple of people to pray and believe with me that she would be healed of this, that is the only thing I could allow myself to believe would occur. I simply didn't want to burden very many of my dear friends with this even though I knew you would be so incredibly supportive. Today, the cancer they had previously identified was nolonger present!Miracle is the only word that is appropriate! She still has excess fluid in her abdominal cavity, and they will furthur test later in the month to determine the cause if it has not subsided by then. I'm incredibly thankful for this report!
Thank you guys, each one of our dear friends, for being here for us, and for all of your love and support! I just truly have no idea how I'd ever make it without you!
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