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sudden death in kitten

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i came home last night to find my 41/2 month old cat abby dead on my front step. she was an energetic and loving cat. i am uncertain what happened to her. she began to purr constantly around 6 weeks old. 3 days prior to her death she had one incident of very light spotting of blood from her rectum and or vagina. also last night i found a cream color crust on my bed spread that had a small amount of blood. any ideas of what may have killed her? might i also mention that there was a minute amount of blood at the death scene and on her. the vet found no broken bones or signs of poison. kids in my neighborhood saw her playing cheerfully in the yard about 3 hours before i found her dead. there were no signs of distress. she was also an unusually large cat. bigger than her mother and 2x as big as the rest of the litter at 4 months.
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Oh my gosh! That is such a horrible story. I am so very sorry for your loss.

I wish I had an answer for you...instead I can offer only my condolences.
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I'm so sorry about your kitty. Did your vet mention anything about Pymometria? It's an infection of the uterus that can be fatal to a cat. The symptoms you mention sound alot like it. My cat had it. She was very active but was always licking herself down there. I'd ask your vet. It wouldn't hurt.
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Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your kitten I hope you find the answer you are looking for.
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After giving it some thought, what in the world was a 4 1/2 month old kitten doing outside? Second, why wasn't she seen by a vet the very first time you saw the discharge? Just wondering.
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i have been letting abby and my other cat althea outside with their mother since they were just about 4 months. the first several times they went out i went out with them. they enjoy being outside as well as indoors. i did not think they were too young to explore the outdoors. as far as the was first noticed late saturday and was a very small amount of blood. i mean about the size of a dime and barely enough to soak through a sheet. i called several vets on monday to see if she could be going into heat since she also was always eager to go outside. they all told me no and only one suggested that she may have a urinary tract infection. i have class on monday night and was going to take her tuesday when i got home from work. however, she was dead by then. i did not notice the other spotting until that night when i went to bed and found it on my bedspread. also i looked into the pyometria. this is a condition that is normally found in females who have already had a heat or a pregnancy. although it is not likely i suppose it is possible.
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ooh how horrible!!!!! I am so sorry about the kitty!
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