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kitty fights

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Hello everyone. My name is Sky and I have three cats. Two are siblings a girl, Shadow, and boy, Virrus, about five years old. The other is a girl, Latte, only a year old. Usually they get along perfectly fine. Usually Latte it the niceist kitten you'll ever meet. About a week ago Virrus somehow got up to the ceiling to where we had hung one of those sticky fly catching things and he got it all tangled in his tail. He wigged out. He ran into the corner where he hid, the girls went to check on him and the girls got into a big fight. There was growling and hissing and fur flying everywhere. We got the girls seperated and got Virrus loose from the fly paper. Ever since then the Latte is very mean to Virrus and Shadow, we've had her in the bedroom since then and when we bring her out she growls at the other cats and chases them into hiding in a corner or underneath something. HELP US
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I'll move this to Behavior where our resident experts can help you.
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Hi there and welcome to TCS! I am not really sure what to do in your situation, but I would probably just bring them together little by little.

If you need any help navigating the boards, please feel free to PM me or KittenKrazy (Cindy)!
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