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Just popped in to say hello as I am new here too.
I was a breeder exhibitor in the UK for some twenty five years of my first love Siamese, second love Devon Rex, also British and Persians.
I also had my own working studs.
Moved country so no longer breed and show and am now down too MewMew a rescued kitten who had cat flu, ringworm, fleas, tapeworm and roundworm.
Vet confirmed my thoughts another three days and he would have been gone.
He is now eight months older and clean with a motor issue that he doesn't know about.
MewMew shares his home with the humans, two Pekes, a fish tank, two hamsters and an aviary of budgies and lovebirds.
Looks like a very friendly forum.
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Welcome to TCS.

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Oh wow! You have a cute lil family! Welcome to TCS! If you need any help navigating the boards, feel free to contact me or KittenKrazy and we'll be glad to help you! Have fun!!
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hi and welcome
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You've got a nice mixture for a family there. Looking forward to hearing more.
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Welcome to the site! MewMew sounds like a very special kitty. I would love to see pics of him if you have any.
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so glad you took MewMew in when you did - sounds like he is a very lucky boy
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Nice to see you and your furfamily here! Hope you enjoy your stay with us !
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Welcome to TCS! A lovely fur family you have there. I breed Persians. What colors did you have??
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Welcome to TCS.
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