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Inside vs. outside kitties, which are yours?

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I was wondering how many of you have indoor/outdoor kitties as opposed to strictly indoor kitties. Nothing against anyones choice, but I can't imagine letting Trixie, Petals or Tiggy out the door unleashed. Is there a benefit to letting them out? I would just worry my goofy head off.
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Both my boys are indoor only. My parent's always had indoor/outdoor cats until recently though.
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The Sammycat and Oscar only go outside on the leash every now and again. The Sammycat hates the way the grass feels on his feet I think and wants me to tote him
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Sparta and Ares are both indoor cats. I take them on our balcony with harness and leash on but that's about it.

My boyfriend and I actually talked about this yesterday. We walked to the vet yesterday holding them in our arms and Ares was just yowling. The poor guy was so scared. Too much noise for him I guess. So now I definitely can't imagine him being an outdoor cat.
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All the kitties I've had have been indoor only...except for when they sneak out
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Dori is an inside kitty only. I can't imagine her ever enjoying going outside because she crouches down and looks terrified just stepping right outside of the front door. But I also couldn't imagine letting her outside. I would be scared to death something would happen to her.
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Mine are indoor only... The road out in front of my apartment is busy 24 hrs a day so, there's no time of day I could let them out. The only time they've ever been allowed outside I've had another person here to keep them in bounds. They really enjoyed it as did I. That was the first time I had ever seen a cat with their fur standing up on their back.
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Indoor Only!!!!!
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Indoor 100 per cent as tooooooooooo many dangers outdoors.
We have mosquito netted our master bedroom veranda and put shelves in at varying heights for MewMew so that he can see everywhere from different angles.he wanders in and out of that as he pleases.
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My kittens are definetly indoors only. In fact, most people I know don't allow their cats outside. My mother-in-law is the exception. She has indoor/outdoor cats. I guess it's fine for them but, personally, I would drive myself crazy worrying whether or not they would come home.
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Lol. My kitties were always indoor cats until Daisy decided she wanted to go into heat and try to escape. Because we didn't get her fixed as soon as her brother Bubba was. So she got out and had a few all-nighters...So she's pregnant, and she still occasionally tries to get out. But whenever she wants to come home and eat she'll come on my windowsill or sit on the patio. Bubba was always terrified to go outside until he learned that he likes to eat my mom's plants, so he just sits in the yard and chomps on her plants and grass. She hates when he does it but it's hilarious. So I guess they're kind of both, but they're mostly indoor.
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My two neutered boys are both inside/outside. Red Cat had been outside only for a year before I got him. I don't know about his first two years with his first humans, I suspect inside/outside or outside only. I just couldn't see trying to convert a cat with that background into an inside only cat, as he was sooooooo unhappy when I tried to keep him in. I try not to let him out at night because of the danger of coyotes, but up until the past few months, he has been a regular escape artist and managed to go out on the town at night quite regularly. Something must have happened to scare the willies out of him, though, as he has stuck quite close to home and spent little time outdoors since March.

I'd seen Purdy wandering the neighborhood as a stray for at least six months before I adopted him three years ago, too, so again I just didn't have the heart to try to make him an inside only cat. Both cats are so terrified of cars and other people that I think under most circumstances, they would stay clear of the streets if they heard a car or pedestrian coming. I'm in a low-traffic part of town, and the town is very rural - about four vacant wooded or dune-grass-covered lots for every one with a residence. So their risk from coyotes, disease, poisons, etc., is probably greater than their risk from cars or other people. If I were in a more heavily populated area, I would keep them as inside only, though.
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Mine are all indoor only. Felix and Buttons have never been outside and Tara and Pebbles were indoor/outdoor before they moved in with me but they have never bothered to go out here, and I'm not letting them either.
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When I was living at home, my mom used to let Esmeralda outside (Meeko is terrified of the outdoors, so he always stayed in). Now that I have my own place, though, she stays indoors exclusively. Phineas has always been an indoor cat, both with me and with his previous owners. Letting them go outside isn't really an option for me, as I live in an apartment building at a very busy intersection on one of the busiest streets in my city, but even if I lived somewhere where they wouldn't inevitably be hit by a car, I still wouldn't let them outside - too many risks for me.
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Sheba is an strictly indoor baby. I live downtown, so I would never dream of letting her outside without a leash. Too many cars. My dad's cat's however are all indoor/outdoor. He lives in a quiet neighborhood and the cat's really seem to enjoy it. They're normally outside during the day, then inside at night.
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I do have 2 outdoors cats only ,but all the rest of my cats are only indoors . How ever I do have a cat enclosure for them to go in to and enjoy the oudoors savely
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Ivo is indoors only. I live at the intersection of two major suburban roads, and have a parking lot in the back of the building. For Ivo, going "outside" is going for a walk in the hallway.
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Indoor only..because I live in a condo.

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Originally Posted by okeefecl
Ivo is indoors only. I live at the intersection of two major suburban roads, and have a parking lot in the back of the building. For Ivo, going "outside" is going for a walk in the hallway.

My apartment complex is like that also.... So, Patches and Tiger go for walks in the the hallway. And that is outside to them. It is hilarious when they climb on the washer machine and dryer
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My guys are indoor only except when they go onto the deck supervised.. but that's barely outdoors. The area that i live in is FAR too busy and near too many major highways and roads to be safe for them (not to mention all of the young kids that mean well but are too rough with neighbors cats)
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My cats are indoor/outdoor. They spend the day outside and go inside late at night, or when it's raining,or it's mealtime and when they are hungry. They rarely go beyond the property limits.
I don't believe in keeping pets cooped up, so I don't ever want to own a bird cage, or an aquarium, or any kind of enclosure. If I go visit a zoo, I come out feeling sad.
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Most of my cats are indoors only. They are too friendly with dogs and there are too many dogs in the neighborhood that kill cats. Bob goes in and out but is highly dog savy. Shep was in/out for many years but mostly stays inside now due to her advanced age. She still likes to lay on the patio in the sun once in a while and I only let her out when I can watch her. I take care of a group of ferals that live around the house - some have gotten friendly over the years but won't come inside even though I have invited them in. I live in the country and have very little traffic so that is not an issue for me.
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Indoor/outdoor. I've never had a place where I could really do indoor only, even if I wanted to, and this house (rented) is such that in summer, if we don't want to die of the heat, we have all doors wide open whenever possible. There would be no way of keeping them in without restricting their movement to a ridiculous extent. So we don't try. We just make sure they know where home is and how to get in, before their first summer here.

It's not foolproof -- we have lost one -- there aren't usually coyotes, but there were that summer. However, our lot are pretty savvy little beasts. They don't go around the front of the house much, and they stay away from the street when they do. In the back, they go one or two properties in either direction. Mostly they're content with the bushes and railings and fences on their own property.

And when occasionally it's necessary to keep them in temporarily, they're all miserable, so it's not something I feel good about doing.

Like I said, it's not foolproof -- but then, neither is life.
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Mine stay indoors all the time except when i brush them.
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my cats are indoor/outdoor (well Cedar isnt yet as he is still a little young but he will be)
when we first got Tipsy we considered indoor only - but we have a large property and he just loves it outdoors.
Having said that we do have a lot of native birds around so we have a cat curfew where they all have to be in from dawn to dusk - suits me perfectly as that would of happened anyway.
Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
I would just worry my goofy head off.
Let me tell you I DO!!!! when it rains - I get frantic - when its getting dark - I get frantic - if its cold - I get frantic - if there is too much wind - I get frantic (ohmy how am I going to be when there are 2 of them out there!!!! )
but Tipsy isnt silly - he knows when its wet or cold and usually takes 2 steps outside and does a quick turn around running back inside as if too say "you gotta be kidding"
The first time we let Tipsy outside I was beside myself!! my husband kept saying calm down calm down he will be fine - but I was like what if he cant find his way back etc etc... well he has always appeared on our doorstep at dinner time they arent silly

Its going to be interesting when I let Cedar out for the first time - I wonder if big brother will protect him or lead him astray

but I know they are happy outdoors - yes there are dangers - but thats something I have to deal with if anything should happen to them (not that anything will!!!!!!!!!). There is no way I could keep them both indoors only now.
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Both of mine are indoors.
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My two gals are strickly inside cats. They can look out the window which seems to be enough form them.

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I would never let my cat to go outdoors.
With all the dangers out there, he stays inside only.
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all my babies do not go outside. i live on a busy street, but i dont think i would let them out anyway
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Mine are indoor only. I don't have time (either before or after work) to take them out on a leash.
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