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Would you eat this?

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This is just plain nasty.


Ukraine serves up chocolate-covered pork fat

A restaurant in Ukraine has unveiled what could be the unhealthiest snack in the world - chocolate-covered pork fat.

BBC Online says salo, or small slices of pork fat, are already commonly eaten with black bread, raw garlic and vodka as a Ukrainian delicacy.

But now one of Kiev's smartest restaurants has started serving the fat coated in chocolate.

Roman Novitski, the manager of Tsarske Selo restaurant, said: "Our head chef likes to experiment so now we have this new creation."

The new snack has already proved popular with Ruslana, winner of this year's Eurovision song contest, and so it is also available in her home town of Lviv.

However not everyone has been impressed.

Dr Svettana Fus from the Ukrainian Medical Research Centre said: "It's the worst combination you could have. I think that people should steer clear of the Ukrainian Snickers."

Ukraine already has one of the highest rates of death from heart disease in Europe.

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All I can say is UGH!!!!!!!!!!
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It has all of the basic food groups in it. Sugar, Cholesterol, Fat, Preservatives, Salt, and the Chocolate food group.

I'd try it once.
Why not? I've eaten stranger things.

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Oh that sounds so gross!!!
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No way! I'm attempting to cut back on my fat intake each day, not add to it...I may have to take back the whole "I'd eat anything covered in chocolate" mantra!
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I'm not a big fan of fat or chocolate... so I think I'll skip that!
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When I was a kid I used to eat all the fat off a steak before I'd eat the meat. It was a real treat. I haven't done that in years though, the thought of it kind of turns my stomach now.

But I gotta say...gross!
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The feel of fat in my mouth makes me feel sick Yuckkkkkkkkkkkk
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You know in Romania Boiled cow hearts are a delicacy.. and I wouldn't eat that either.
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eeeeewwwwwww I don't like eating fat at all and just thinking on eating it make me sick
Let me clean my mouth real quick
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We Might Be Thinking Of This As Sweet Chocolate...mexicans Cook Savory Dishes With Unsweetened Chocolate...it's Called Mole' Sauce...i Believe. I Like Pork Fat...but Then, I'm Part Russian...lol!
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"Ukranian Snickers"
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EWWWWWW! No way! I can't stand meat anyway, but that just makes it that much worse!
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J/K OMG that sounds so gross !! I just can't imagine who would eat something like that.
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I'm not sure if any amount of money in the world could make me eat that. NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey, it's low in carbs. Maybe the Atkins people will adopt it as their standard desert.
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and lol @ the atkins comment, CharmsDad lol
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"Hey, it's low in carbs. Maybe the Atkins people will adopt it as their standard desert."

I'll try it and let you know

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Originally Posted by grampngram

"Hey, it's low in carbs. Maybe the Atkins people will adopt it as their standard desert."

I'll try it and let you know

EEEWWWWW! Some people don't care WHAT they put in their mouths!
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I'd try it! Sounds disgusting though...
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"EEEWWWWW! Some people don't care WHAT they put in their mouths!"

I don't do brussel sprouts or brains. I'm with Bill Cosby on that one...I just can't eat something that an animal was thinkin' with.

Think of it this way.
You can eat all the right things. Never stray...
and what happens?


You can try everything, be open to any and all new things.....
and what happens?

Either way the path leads to the same place.
I'll stick with option 2.

Bon appetite.


edited for spelling
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Not something i'd really fancy but when in Rome as they say!!
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my sister in law comes from a small village in asia and I must admit some of the things she eats - hmmm well let me just say I didnt actually think you could purchase those things here !!! and some of it aint too bad actually...

having said that I would take the chocolate and skip the fat...

when I spent 3 months travelling through Egypt - you would go to some houses as a guest and its really impolite to not eat what is given to you - now considering 1/ I am a vegetarian and 2/ you couldnt even tell what some of these things were - alot of it went into my bag to be disgarded at a later venue - impolite yes - but what they dont know doesnt hurt them is my motto!!!
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Compared to the things that people eat on Fear Factor, this is a piece of cake I wouldn't try it though... I'm not a culinary advernturere...
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