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I can't find my cat in my house!

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We got a kitten yesterday. We already had 2 adult cats. Now I can't find the kitten. I think I hear meowing but I can't figure out where it's coming from. There was a small dropping in her litter pan (not the big normal litter box the other two use) which leads me to believe she might come back. I am not 100% sure yet. THERE IS NO WAY SHE COULD HAVE GONE OUTSIDE. So, my question to all of you is can you recommend anything to lure her out from hiding?

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Laura, get down on your belly (not just your hands and knees) and slowly crawl through each room. If you have sources of noise such as children or cats, put them in the other end of the house that you are searching. As you search, meow loudly as if oyu are a mom-cat looking for her kitten then stay silent, listening for a reply.
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I'm guessing she's stuck somewhere, rather than hiding. If the above doesn't work, take one of your cats and shut him/her in each room with you and act like you are looking for something along the ground all over the room. Say, "Where is it? Where's the kitten?" As if you were asking a dog where you'd hidden his toy. Look for your cat to spend an extra few moments sniffing behind or under something and look there.
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Our ferrets tend to go missing often, they're small like a kitten.
Make sure you check closets thoroughly, under all furniture, even if you think the kitty can't fit under it. Even check the cabinets your kitty could have access to.

Also, are there any small holes in the walls? Around pipes and such? We had to make sure they were all sealed tight because the ferrets would get in the wall, a few of our cats did too at one time when the wall had to be open to do some work on a pipe.

Hope you find you kitten soon!
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Hi Laura!

I, too, just got a kitten and have two older cats. The new kitten took to crawling underneath the cupboard almost immediately - There is a space between the floor and the bottom of the cabinet, which is accessable to cats - especially kittens. If you call the kitten's name as you walk through the house, she will most likely respond by mewing. When you pinpoint where she might be, have a toy and her favorite treat available. One of those is sure to lure her out - even if she is afraid. Be sure to avoid loud noises as this could only scare her more. Good luck & don't worry!!! Your baby will come out!!!
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As the others say down on your tummy fully floor length. then check everything, even the back of the washing machine, tumble drier, fridge, freezer, the tiniest of gaps especially the dark areas, inside all cupboards, inside washing machine, laundry basket.
if you have children check their toy boxes.
I once lost a whole littr for an hour to the back of the freezer and another time under the bed but not on the floor actually up inder the base of the bed. i didn't know Mum had opened it with her claws and the babies were in it sort of like a hammock.
Something to entice needs to be strong smelling and warm such as sardines, or chicken.
Good luck.
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Some places I have found cats and kittens-

Up under the armrest of a sofa bed (while it was folded up)
Underneath the foot rest of a recliner
Underneath the heater
Sandwiched between the wall and the refrigerator
In the dryer
up in the rafters of the room (open beam) although we still can't figure out how she got up there
inside the mattress on the bed- had torn the lining out and crawled into the springs
inside the underside of an old chair

Hope you find your lost one- You might use your other cats to help you locate the kitten-
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Good news everyone! I found her! I've put a bell loosely around her neck and am keeping her in the bathroom with food, litter pan, water and a bed while I do stuff I don't need her for. Besides that I just follow her around the house!

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Only just read your thread. Thank goodness you have found her. Where was she?
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Do you have a break-away collar for her? You said "I put a bell loosely around her neck" What exactly does that mean?
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