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Sneezing with no other symptoms

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My Simon has been sneezing since Friday. It's very strange because it's not all the time. He'll have a sneezing "fit" where he sneezes a bunch of times in a row, then he won't sneeze again for hours. He's not congested, because he's still breathing through his nose.

He's not acting sick at all. He's eating, drinking, playing, purring and acting totally normal.

The only thing I can think of that is different is we bought a new orange scented shampoo. Although the sneezing doesn't seem to come with me getting out of the shower. I haven't changed detergent, haven't sprayed anything in the house, nothing new.

Since he has no other symptoms, I haven't taken him to the vet. Anyone experience this? How long does it usually take for a cat to get over a cold?

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Cheryl, as a rule, cats don't like citrus smells and it could be your shampoo that he may have an allergy to. Do you notice he sneezes more if he has been near you or your hair?
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Sometimes a cold starts with excessive sneezing, if he has a cold he should get runny goopy eyes, nostril discharge, he will have no energy, become really lethargic and may also start to limp (as his joints become affected).

It could also be an allergy.If you did a flurry of housework recently and stirred up the dust in order to get rid of it, or if you recently took him in to get him vaccinated, or he just sat at the window to long and got dust in his nose? How fresh is his dry food? Have you checked the expiration date on the bag? Smelled the contents to see if they smell musty or dusty?

If he shows other signs besides sneezing, get him to the vet. If he doesn't stop sneezing, get him to the vet. He could have something lodged in his nose or really anything, but if he doesn't improve over the next 24 hours- get him in to be seen.
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Thanks for the replies. He has a vet appointment Friday at 5pm. (It's the first one they had) He's starting to slow down I think. Poor baby. Now I feel guilty that I didn't take him before, but he wasn't acting sick before! I feel like a terrible mom.
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