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Today, July 23.....what are your plans?

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Hi guys, well, what are we all doing today? I'm headed to work in about a half hour, there till 5, then back home to have my in laws over for cake and icecream. Tomorrow is Jerry's birthday. He turns the big 43! He has to work at the firestation tomorrow night, so we will celebrate one day early!
It's also a dual birthday tonight. Our little Trixie Pie turns 3 today! Her's is the only birthday we know for sure.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRIXIE! Let your Mom spoil you with lots of catnip and treats on your special day! Hope Jerry also has a happy birthday tomorrow!
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Aaaaaargh i'm sooo mad

I'm a member of another cat site here in the UK. It's no where near as big as TCS, and their must only be about 8 regular members, that was until yesterday when we had two "brats" come on the site trying to upset us all . We all had to get in touch with the site to tell them because they don't have mods on the site all the time like TCS. Why do people like upsetting others????.

Apart from calming myself down my day is going ok!!

At the gym tonight then dash home to see the kitts

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oh my - my 23rd is almost over - only 48 minutes until it is the 24th
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Why are you not in bed asleep Danielle!!!!
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work work and more work

I have a client who wants everything yesterday - damn annoying they are - so I am just chilling on here while I print up all my drawings
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Happy birthday Trixie!

Today, we are having a small party for a co-worker who is leaving. After that, I get to leave early and go to the dentist. I grind my teeth and was fitted with an appliance last week. The dentist wants to make sure I'm not throwing off my bite.

And that's all the excitement for my day!
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I am glad that the painting of this building is over, now all that needs to be done is a screen door to be attached to my end

A young girl I know gave birth to a baby boy at 21 weeks of pregnancy - amazingly enough, the baby is doing so well - he is 16 inches long, huge feet and hands! They even took out his breathing tube 2 days ago (2 days after he was born!) and he is breathing on his own. There were 30 or so other premies in the NICU - amazing when a miracle has the strength to survive. Bless!

Have a good day youse all!
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Huggles, Well, instead of asking you how your day is going to be, I guess the question for you is how WAS your day??? HAHA Keep forgetting the time difference.

Rosiemac, sorry about the idiots over there that have to ruin things. They are everywhere.

Thanks for the good wishes Dawnofsierra!

Okeefecl, The party sounds fun, but the dentist doesn't. I'm such a chicken of dentists. Since we live close together, do you have a kind, gentle one who understands chickens? If so, who do you go too? I have an appt here in Solon next in August, but I've never met him. Hopefully he's understanding and nice!
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WOW prayers go out for the little one, but sounds like he's doing well. God bless him!
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Isn't it June? Or did I miss a month???
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LOL, your right! I mean, JUNE 23! LOL
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
LOL, your right! I mean, JUNE 23! LOL
You really had me confused for a second. I thought that I had completely skipped June. I was wondering how I was so far behind. I'm glad that it's not July 23 yet.
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Quinstar, I'm surprised no one else noticed my booboo on the date! Good for you!
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Originally Posted by quinstar
Isn't it June? Or did I miss a month???
I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one, who caught that.
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Well it is 9:05 P.M. here I'm trying to get ahold of my husband but he is not answering his cell. Ugh! He told me if I needed get ahold of him to call.

I've done called 5 or more times and still no answer he is going get a kick-in-the butt when he gets home.

I didn't get do to much today since my 7 month old daughter is wanting me to hold her all of the time. I was lucky to get few dishes washed and a load of laundry done. My daughter also got a bath which she loved, she is such a water baby.

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