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Watch over your kitties (a memorial)

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I lost my cat, DJ, of cancer last Friday. He had been a healthy cat all of the 14 (nearly 15) years of his life. He was my father's constant companion - although he was an indoor cat, he would easily have followed my father around the block on his morning walk if he could! He was a loving cat, always wanting a scratch behind the ears and always ready to play with whatever was available. He started to grow thin last October - my parents (with whom DJ resided) thought nothing of it, they figured that we was old and perhaps his sense of smell was going (I agreed with them). They fed him fresh food - he started eating again, even if it was in dainty amounts. Everything went well until last week. DJ suddenly could hardly breathe - he was gasping for air, making this horrible wheezing sound, breathing heavy. We thought that he would get better. 2 days into this, they took him to the vet. It was cancer. It started in his liver and spread to his lungs. He died Friday afternoon, collapsing in the living room in front of Tina, our other cat, his adopted sister.

I can honestly say that no one has been the same since. My father is depressed, losing his best friend. My mother blames herself, wishing she took him to the vet sooner. Tina wanders around the house meowing. She looks into the backyard garden (where we buried him) and meows, wanting DJ back. I am simply grieving, as what is normal. Although I don't live at home anymore, he was my baby, having him since I was 6! We grew up together, and not having him around leaves a void. It's amazing - he was such a quiet cat, but now the house seems so quiet without him.

Please watch over your cat carefully. If something doesn't seem right, it most likely isn't, and take them to the vet. Although death is inevitable, it can be prolonged with proper care, and since we all want to spend the longest amount of time as possible with our babies, don't hesitate to go to the vet. Just as you would go to the doctor if you suddenly didn't feel well, kitties (as well as other furry friends!) deserve the same treatment.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of DJ. He had a wonderful loving home with you and your parents for a very long time, and had a very happy life. DJ is now at the Rainbow Bridge where he has been restored to good health, and is free of any pain. He will wait there until the time comes when he can be reunited with his human family once again.

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I'm very sorry for your family's loss. Things come on so quickly like that sometimes that there is nothing you could have done, really. Your mother should not blame herself.

I had to put down a 4 year old cat a few years ago who was diagnosed with Lymphangectagia. One day I just noticed her breathing funny, took her straight to the vet, who took an x-ray, told me her lungs were collapsed, and sent me straight to the emergency vet an hour away. We had two weeks with her after they told us what it was. I slept on the floor with her every night until we had to take her in.

Once again, I am very, very sorry. Time will pass, and there are plenty more kittys in the world who would love a happy home.
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Thanks to all for their condolences. From what my parents tell me, Tina is starting to do much better now, with her meowing only starting up at night. They've been giving her extra love and attention, so I believe that is helping. Although she could never replace DJ, I'm glad she's around to keep my parents company through this hard time and help them cope (in her own furbabe way!).

Again, thank you for your kind thoughts - I truly appreciate them and will pass them on to my family. I may have to go visit soon to give Tina a pinch of catnip and some under the chin rubs to make her feel better (and, of course, to see my parents!)
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