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I'm back

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I decided to take a break from everything for a few weeks after several things in my daily life took a turn for the worst. At my last dr appointment, my dr decided I was long past a needed diagnosis of anorexia nervosa--that totally threw me for a loop. Then my boyfriend's roommate decided to express his rather passionate feelings towards me. Sam ate some steel wool he found lying on the back porch--I know this because I pulled some out from between his teeth. Took him to the vet for xrays and sure enough, there was a bit in his stomach. They gave him some meds to "ease its passage". Seemed to work because I took him back for a recheck and all was gone. Sally decided she is part puppy and spent the afternoon while I was gone gleefully shredding one of my essays that was due the following day. Naturally when I put the disk in to recover a copy, the disk had errors so I had to retype it. Last week we had a big storm and my basement turned into a swimming pool-which shorted out the phone line as well as ruined several tables and other pieces of furniture I had stored down there. It is still drying out and now my walls are covering with mold.

This week has been rather calm, although Im waiting for the next event to unfold. At any rate, it is nice to be able to come back here where its "normal"
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Welcome Back...

Just remember that no matter how bad life seems to get, it will get better.

Have faith, that this will pass.

We're all friends here, hang in there

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Oh what a hectic week you have had! (((hugs))) Good to see you back. Glad your kitty is OK after the steel wool that would have been scary!
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