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good golly Miss Molly

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This is our adorable Molly Girl And a few of Paige for good measure. (she's got her own tread somewhere.)


"What do you mean, why is the milk out? I was just here sorting the laundry..."

"scratch me behind the ears!"

*spaghetti western background music* THE STANDOFF

sleepy girl

Sleeping girl

"i stepped in paint, and it staid!"

"pet my belly!"

"I said BELLY!"

"Ain't I cute?"


"Momma loves me!"


"what do you mean you're surprised? It's so soft!"(she stole the bed form Molly who we expected to love it, we only got one because Paige loves her chair... Guess she liked the bed more.)

"so pretty"
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Beautiful furbabies!
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Awwww Denise their soooo sweet

I wish my two liked their tummys rubbed, but Rosie lets me give her tummy kisses which she never used to
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Oh wow! What beautiful babies!!!
What a pretty tummy she has!!!
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Paige sees a camera and I swear she poses. Molly sees a camera and nuzzles it. .it's hard to get a still shot of molly. most often they're when her belly's being rubbed. She naps in the middle of the livingroom belly up, lol.
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Wow, they are both beautiful!!
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They are so cute!
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Wow. I can't believe a couple of weeks ago you wondered if she'd ever come out from under the bed She's GORGEOUS and she looks quite at home now. I'm so happy for you and for your girls! She's even letting you rub her belly!! YAY!!
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They're both beautiful cats. Molly really does seem to have totally adjusted.
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she's not totally adjusted. I E if you pet her from above, she bites.
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Oh, Denise, what sweet babies!
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Molly is soooo pretty!! I love her color and eyes. Paige is a little cute girl too.

Lisa & Sash
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