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New "cat" Introductions

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Hi Everyone!
I am JazzyKat. I just joined and I am a sucker for needy cats. I have 4 cats...Sushi, Ashley, Ishihari and Valentino. Ashley and Valentino were they needy ones. Val more so than Ashley. He was a 9 month old cat with a deformed leg. I adopted him for $5 to keep him from being put to sleep and spent $500, with the help of my mom, and got his leg fixed.
My latest "needy client" is a very young cat, maybe 6 or 7 months who appearntly was dropped off and came to my house. She is pregnant and very sweet and friendly. I call her Jezabell and plan on giving her a place to have her babies and care for her through her preganancy, but in all practicallity, shouldn't keep her. I will take her to the shelter after her babies are born.
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Welcome to TCS. If you can find her a no kill rescue..that would be best.

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Welcome to TCS, hon, what an angel you are. I suggest being a foster for second chance for this cat, and possibly others in the future.
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Welcome! I hope Jezebel's pregnancy runs smoothly and you are able to find a no kill shelter or adoptive parents for the new babies. You are so sweet to take in needy cats!
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Hi--welcome to TCS! Please take Jezebel to a no kill shelter I would love to see pics of your little family! If you need any help navigating the boards, please feel free to PM me or KittenKrazy (Cindy)! Have fun!
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Welcome to the site! Bless you for taking in the needy kitties. Good luck with Jezabel's pregnancy and upcoming litter. It is kitten season, so if you want to take her and the kittens to a no-kill shelter, try contacting them now. Perhaps you could work with them as her foster home while they secure homes for them all - so they don't have to spend any time in a cage waiting for a good home.
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