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I need help??

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Hi. I'm new here. I have inherited a female cat. I named her Minnie.. She is(was) skinny . I too her to the vet for shots and guess what? She is preagnant! the vet thinks she is a year old and that she probably got prego in her first heat. She still loooks like a baby herself. She puuurs all the time and sleeps most of the day and night. Vet said she should be due in 2-3 weeks and that was about a week and a half ago. What d oI loook for o get a clue when she might go into labor and do they have labor like humans? Does the water break? The kittens are very active. You can see them moving when Minnie is sleeping and she looks uncomfy at times when walking and lieing down. She loves to cuddle all the time but I just got her 3 weeks ago, maybe she was always like that. I love it, it makes me feel loved. Please help me... Want to post a picture also and cannot figure how to do it.. Lisa
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Hi Lisa, you won't be able to post a picture until you have more posts and have been a member for a couple of months.

The signs of impending labor are:
*Her vulva will swell a little and turn pink around 2-3 days before
* She may either want you to not leave her side even for a minute or not want to be near you at all.
*Minnie will become restless, may go off her food and scratch at things, as if she is trying to make a nest. Provide several nesting places for her so she can choose one she likes when the time comes. If she chooses an akward spot such as behind the sofa or in a cupboard, don't try to move her and the kittens, just make the area comfortable (clear out the cupboard and put towels or blankets down) and make it safe for the kittens by using rolled blankets around the nesting area to stop the kittens wandering off and getting 'lost'.
*About 12-24 hours before the birth, she will lose her mucous plug. This is a clump of clear or pinkish mucous that blocked the birth canal.
*You will notice a clear, pinkish or slightly blood-stained discharge from her vagina. If the discharge is greenish or brown, she may have an infection or a kitten that has died in-utero and she needs to see a vet ASAP.

Good luck.
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This thread is long, but it describes the process well.
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Just to add, you need to be feeding her kitten food from now until the kittens are weaned as it provides the extra vitamins and nutrients she needs during pregnancy and nursing. You should be seeing that her nipples are filling up (they will fill up from back to front) and if squeezed gently, milk will appear from the nipples about 5-7 days before the birth. Pregnancy in cats lasts anywhere from 59-70 days with the average being around 63 days.
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Just to add once she starts to deliver do not allow any longer than one hour between kittens if she is pushing as she can become exhausted nd may well require avet.
I d have the full details on my site of what you need and what to expect if you want to take a look it is at http://manamousiamese.tripod.com
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Thanks for all who answered my questions!! I appreciate the advice and will be looking for signs. I am patiently waiting the arrival of kitties and hope it will be soon. I hope she will have them when I can watch and in case she needs my help. I will inform you as to ow we are doing.. Thanks again for the help.. Lisa and Minnie
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Lisa, I hope all goes well.
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My cat used to have kittens a couple of times a year. There was nothing to it.
The cat just took care of it. SHe had her own cat room and she would have kittens there, and she would take care of them.
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