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Well just to all let you know I am not sure what is going to happen here.....there are companies pulling out of Dubai and sending employees home (like back to the UK and places like that) nearly everyone I know has withdrawn all their money from banks and sending it elsewhere.

Our company has issued an evacuation plan, and oh my god I am a little nervous. In a way I guess I am luckier than many as my family are here with me and if we do evacuate because I work with mum and dad I will be with them. But just the thought of the possibility of maybe having to one day just leave in the clothes I am wearing with nothing. As per our evacuation plan I am trying to organise my kitties as there is no chance in hell I am leaving them here. Dad asked me how many people I can fit into my car - I said under normal circumstances 4 including me but if we do need to go then 3 including me as the kitty boxes will take up the second and middle seat in the back of the car. Dad told me not to be so silly of course you cannot take your cats with you. I told him they don;t go then I don't go simple as that. As per our evacuation I am calling authorities in other countries were we may travel to by road about bringing them with me, I am still waiting on what the answer is.

People here are not so much worried that if there is a war that it will spill out to Dubai they are worried that if Afghanistan and Pakistan start bombing each other that as there are something like 95,000 Pakistani's and 23,000 Afghans here that riots will start and then other Muslim nationalities will get involved then it could turn around and become Muslims against westerners, which is a shocking thing.

If one day there is a frantic message from me that I am going then I am not sure when I will get back online.........I know this is rather sick maybe but if anything does happen I am going to be taking my lap top with me and I will keep a journal...does that sound odd.....I guess people think of the strangest things sometimes.

Lets just hope and pray that it really does not come to that!
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I hope none of this happens to you or your family and I do hope that you will not have to evacuate. But I dont think it sounds strange that you want to take your computer with you. I would do the same if I could under the circumstances. And I would take my Cat also!!! Lets just hope and pray that you will not have to leave your home.

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Amanda - How scarey for you. Please try to stay safe and let us know everything that happens there. We're sure thinking about you over there.
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Amanda, it all sounds so scary for you there. Please stay safe, and we will all pray that you don't have to evacuate at all. Good luck to you and your family!
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I will hope & pray that you will not have to evacuate & that you and your family (cats. too) will be safe! Stay safe. And, I don't think this is sick of you to be posting this. I think it is normal to feel this way & a way of preparing if something happens! And, I would take my cats, too....... There's no way I'd leave mine, either!
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You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for showing us how much this is affecting the world, and not just this country. It puts into perspective how this is a WORLD problem.

I know how much you love your cats, how much we all do, and I know that you will find a way to keep them with you, but please don't risk your own safety. I know that you're going to figure out a way that you won't have to, but I have to say that, because I consider you a friend and I don't want ANYTHING to happen to you. I'm hoping you'll send more more recipes!!

oh, I started a Happy Birthday thread for you, it's here somewhere. Doesn't sound like you had a very good birthday though.

Take care Love.

p.s. I think it's incredibly smart to take your laptop and write a journal. When you said that I thought of a brave little girl named Anne Frank, who put a human face on what was in a lot of ways a incommprehensible tradegy.
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Thanks all so much for your kind words.....AP I will get some recepies over to you. I will write some out on the lap top - let me know your favs foods and I will organise something....will do the salads for you tonight

Thanks AP aswell for the B-day thread.....I actually didn't see it - we were in the process of evacuation plans etc and only just been able to get on eht computer today. I will go and look for it though.
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I wouldn't leave my 4 under any circumstances! I keep my carriers in a convenient closet and currently have spare food and water to gather at a momen's notice. Nothing has happened here, of course, but I am in the middle of 2 of the largest military bases on the east coast. We also have hurricane threats here, so this time of year, I am prepared to go out the door quick. I just heard on the local news that they have deployed 2000 Marines out of Camp LeJuene this morning and they are on their way to the Middle East. It is so scary to see all this unfolding on tv like a horror movie!
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Amanda- May God be with you and your family including your cats. Please keep in touch A new thread would be wonderful so you are easy to find
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Thoughts, prayers, and good luck to you and yours. I hate to hear of anyone facing such a daunting prospect. I had missed one of your previous posts and did not realize how potentially dangerous your situation is. Even with all that has happened here in the USA, most of us are still isolated from the actual damage and carnage and can still fel fortunate about that. I cannot imagine what you must be going through. Once again, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Amanda, I pray everything is OK with you and your family. Please keep us posted dearest!
Love and hugs
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Dear Amanda,

I'll hope and pray that you and your Family will be alright,take care.

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Amanda My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.. Please take care.
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Amanda -

Wow, that was weird. I just typo'ed your name to Ananda. It's a Sanskrit word, and it means something like "the underlying principle of love that holds the universe together". Not that literally, I'm sure, but the name of that. So I don't know if that's a good omen, a suggestion for prayer, or just a common typo.

You must be terribly upset right now,, with everything so uncertain. Sometimes the hardest part is preparing. Once events begin to unfold, you get kind of caught up in the momentum and there isn't time to think or worry about things.

If you want to post an online diary, you might check out Blogger at because they specialize in that kind of thing and it's free.
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Amanda, which countries will you be going through? I understand that the problem would also be getting them into the UK, as they have that 6 months quarantine, right? What is your plan then? If you'll be going through Israel perhaps I could help?
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My heart goes out to you and your family, I hope that you can connect with someone in another place that will volunteer to take the kitties for you. If there is anyway you can get ahold of any kind of tranq, for the kittes, that would help as they are going to extremely stressed and their cries will not help your situation. Bach's Flower and Rescue Remedy comes to mind, but you can also use chamomille tea and just put the tea leaves in their wet food. I know how much you love your babies, but please, as AP says, don't get stubborn and compromise your situation. If you have to negotiate, tell you parents that you will keep them with you as long as is feasible and if it comes to being a dangerous problem, you will find someone to leave them with. I can't begin to imagine what is running through your head right now, how the terror must be building, but remember, cats are good at surviving out in the wild better than we are actually,that is why there are so many feral cats in the world. Good luck and stay safe-- get word to us when you can.Until then, I will be praying for you night and day-
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There is a woman on another forum I visit who has trained her cats to run and get inside their carriers whenever the smoke alarm goes off! Perhaps you can start training you cats to do this so that if you have to evacuate, you won't have to hunt them down and try to catch them when they're scared.
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Thanks for all your kind words. Anne I am in the process of getting letters of permission from the minisrty of agriculture so that if it comes to it I will be able to get the cats out of Dubai and into Oman then who knows what will happen from there. I would love to come to Israel but with my visa in Dubai chances are I will not be permitted entrance

So my plan at the moment is drive to Oman and the figure out that happens from there. Looks like I will know what will happen on Sunday. Fingers crossed it will all blow over.

I will keep you all up to speed about what happens here....

Oh and sunlion thanks for the link
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The opening line in Anne Frank's diary, so I looked it up to quote it to you:

We're much too young to deal with these problems, but they keep thrusting themselves on us until, finally, we're forced to think up a solution, though most of the time our solutions crumble when faced with the facts. It's difficult in times like these: ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within us, only to be crushed by grim reality. It's a wonder I haven't abandoned all my ideals, they seem so absurd and impractical. Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.

I wish you the best-
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I was reading some previous posts and read yours again about possible evacuation. Is it still a possibility? I hope, as I am sure we all do, that it has gotten better for you. Thoughts and prayers are still with you.:daisy:
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Amanda, I'm pretty sure you won't have a problem coming into Israel with a British pasport, even if you have a visa for Dubai. You can even have a visa for Syria it doesn't matter (not sure about the other way around though).

If you could go through Saudi Arabia and then Jordan, I'm pretty sure you could get into Israel fairly easily and with the cats as well. Of course, you will need to make all the necessary arrangements before that. If this will ever be an option and you need any help sorting out Israeli beurocracy, just let me know.
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Anne thanks for everything if I need anything in your neck of the woods I will let you know and I would also like to thanks everyone else for their kind words.

I am not sure what is happening here. Loads of American companies have sent their employees home and all the Japanese people have left since this has happened......people are still worried about riots....I am in the process of trying to get travel permits for the kitties but it is not the easiest thing to get as there is so much red tape

I will kep you all up to date as things progress.
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