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Kitties and 4th of July?

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Hello everyone.....4th of July is coming up here in the States, with all the fireworks, etc. How do your kitties react to loud noises, whether it be fireworks, thunder, etc? All 3 of my babies take off in different directions when a noise scares them.
What is everyone's plans for the 4th? Jerry and I will be going to a huge craft show/flea market on Saturday, the 2nd. The 3rd we will go to the local fair for some fattening foods and fireworks later that night. Luckily it's far enough from here that I don't think my babies will be bothered.........
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Mine hide, usually under the barn
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Dori doesn't like the fireworks. We will probably head over to the big firework display downtown and then come back home. Luckily, the people in my apartment complex don't usually start playing with their own fireworks until late at night so I will be back at home with Dori before they get too far into it. This past new years though we were having really bad storms and on top of that I was nervous about leaving her home alone with the fireworks. So I played sick and stayed home with her
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We bring in all the kritters for the night. We put a movie in the DVD and turn the surround sound waaaaaaay up.

I'm not too fond of loud noises myself.

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Don't have any plans here other than to stay home and watch tv.

Fireworks are banned in most of our county in California except two towns and two public displays over the ocean - so any noise will be violators which if caught can be fine for possessing illegal fireworks.
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We have fireworks on the 5th of November here in the UK.

Rosie doesn't like them, but i don't know how Sophie will react
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Ivo doesn't seem to mind loud noises. Thunder doesn't bother her, unless it's right overhead, and we're not close enough to any of the fireworks displays around here for it to be too loud.
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Sierra isn't bothered by a regular thunderstorm, as long as it's not extememly loud, she just clings very close to me. She is afraid of loud noises, though. She runs and hides under the covers.
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Rosie, why fireworks on November 5??
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We have what we call Guy Fawkes night, it's a tradition in the UK that goes back years to when a chap named 'Guy Fawkes' tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

On the 5th of November(the date it happened) we have bonfires, and children make 'Guys' where they stuff trousers and a jumper or something similar, and make him a head if it were Guy Fawkes himself?!.

They then put him on top of the piled wood, then set it alight along with the fireworks!.

Silly i know, but we have to stick with tradition
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We have what we call Guy Fawkes night.

That's so interesting, Susan! I had never heard of that!
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We light off fireworks here. For the inside cats, we close all the windows, crank up the air conditioner and turn the stereo loud enough to drown out the fireworks noise. Even if we didn't light off fireworks, all the neighborhood is doing it. For the ferals, we'll give them a meal on the front porch at dusk to draw them to the house and their hidey hole under the porch. Most of the fireworks in the neighborhood are done in the direction of the back of the house, so that at least gets them as far away as possible.

Yeah - most of mine hate them but they are done to an extreme here - 4th of July is almost a religious holiday in Missouri.
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O,o oh lord I forgot about that!! I think Molly may possibly flip! The original skittery kitty. I may light sparlkers and let paige watch through the window though.
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Thunder and lightening does not seem to bother Franz or Maddie. We had a bad storm here about a week ago and Franz stayed in the window the entire time (the rain was not coming in). He must of inherited his love of thunder and lightening from me. We'll see come July 4th!
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i dont know yet!! i adopted baci (my first) on sept. 11th last year so i guess will ifnd out soon!!!!!!
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Well, we don't celebrate the fourth of July here, but as far as fireworks on the occasions we do celebrate - I really don't think I've ever lived close enough to a location where fireworks were being set of for the kitties to hear them. As far as loud noises in general, Phineas is terrified of the vacuum, but none of them seems to be phased much by anything else.
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