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7 baby kittens!!!!

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Oh my goodness!!! Yes, I have 7 baby kittens on my hands for the next few weeks I think those smileys express how Im feeling pretty well! And add in a "passing out from the magnitude of it all" and youve got me I decided I wanted to foster. I figure that is the best way for me to help and also get my "fix" Ive been going through the process with the humane society, which was a lot easier than I had imagined, and came home with my foster babies today!!

I didnt expect this though! I figured I would get a cat that needed to be socialized or something. Well I got 7 of the little monsters Its amazing! They are just babies. Theyre all from the same litter and are around 5 weeks old. They apparently were abandoned, although with all the excitement I didnt get a really clear story about them. I might call back another day to get more info.

My job is to socialize them and keep them until they all reach 2.2 lbs so they can be spayed and neutered, at which point they will be adoptable and I will have to give them up. But for now, my house is a zoo!

Theyve all found the litter box, with a little help anyway. Their little poops and pee spots are soooooo tiny! Well it doesnt surprise me since they are such itty bitty babies! I wish I had a camera today. I'll have to take pictures this weekend.

Im keeping them all in one large room, the room I typically use to seperate any of the cats from my household ones. I have to keep them seperated the entire time because while theyve tested neg for FelLuk, they havent been vaccinated and could pose a small risk to my cats. Its too bad on one hand, because it would be fun to have them all over. But on the other hand, that very same prospect is terrifying! I didnt realize how much kitty proofing I needed to do in this one room alone!

Anyway, I am a busy bee now! I am so excited and so in love with these little creatures. Theyre so funny!!!! I havent laughed so much in ages. They will be fun to have for a while. Any tips from you pros out there??
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www.kitten-rescue.com will help you with these wee ones
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Kat, good for you. I would love to start doing something like that. I wish I was there with you! I can't wait to see pics.....don't forget please??????
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