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Please read

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We were emailed this link by a friend. While we don't subscribe to PETAs views on a lot of things, we do believe they got this one right.


Jeff & Sue
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Hmm, well I am trying to find an alternative to Iams right now actually. Today I just ordered a bag of Wellness. That just makes me want to change that much more...
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That was really sad to read. Once when I went to Petsmart there was a girl handing out little small cards with some information about Iams and animal testing.
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I had a report sent to me from "Uncaged" on Iams and it was shocking!!!.

I rang Iams and voiced my concern, and they said that they would send me their report on the company and it's product.

After 4 weeks no report came, so i rang again and they said another report would be in the post, another 4 weeks past and still no report!.

I rang for the 3rd time and put this to them:

At the Supreme Cat Show where you exhibit, "Uncaged" also have a stand handing out not only leaflets about Iams and the way the animals are treat by them , but that they also show a video of them which was done undercover as proof.

So why are Iams not suing "Uncaged" for liable if these stories were untrue?, and especially when they are both exhibiting at the same exhibition?.

Their reply to me was "It's freedom of speech"?!.

Iams have also been in the newspapers here in the UK, and i know a lot of people who are no longer using the product.
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Oh my gosh. I had never heard of any of this before. I just switched my cats off of Iams a few weeks ago and now I am so glad that I did. This is horrible and really shouldn't be allowed. I can't believe that someone could be so cruel to these animals.
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Please click here to read a thread in which jcat posted a letter she received from Iams in response to a letter of complaint she sent to the company. I think it does a good job of clarifying the matter.
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Oh no! I'll have to let all of my friends and family about this...no more Iams for us
(side note: I love the Golden Girls!)
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