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=One Nation= Printable Flag

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I know this is a bit off topic but feel that it is appropriate under the circumstances. Most stores are sold out of US flags. Here is one that will print well. Please do not link to this file as it is on my personal web space.



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Thank you so much for sharing that with us!!! If I had a printer hooked up to my computer, I would print it off in a heartbeat, but I don't... But I am sure others will take advantage of this!
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Thanks for the flag. Our newspaper printed one due to an overwhelming request from our readers since there is such a shortage.

Get this...I put mine up in my apartment livingroom window. I was called at work by the apartment management telling me to take it down. When I asked why, they said they try to keep every apartment "uniform". She said if they allowed me to keep the flag up, what's to stop someone from putting up a Bud Light sign. Hogwash!!! Well, that just pissed me off a little too much. First of all, at Christmas time, if you drive down my street through the complex, there are blinking Santas, Christmas lights, statues, etc. Looks more like the Macy's Department Store window. Besides, they are violating my constitutional right to freedom of expression. The flag is still up and I refuse to take it down. I have one in my car, and I also wear a ribbon on my shirt attached by a guardian angel. On my way into work today I saw at least 3 windows with stuff like "Thanksgiving" pasties, flags, junk in the windows.

I'm standing my ground.

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Thank you for the flag! I'm going to print it out and put it in my living-room window. I've not had a "real" U.S.A. flag in years, but I'll probably try to get one next pay day!

Donna, I hope that idiot landlord of yours sees the light. I admire you for standing your ground on this! Here in Oregon, a school-bus driver was suspended several days ago because he put a print-out of a flag in the window of the school bus he was driving. I just don't get it! Like, duh, we're in the midst of a national emergency and there are people with enough time on their hands to run about punishing those who show the flag. Talk about abuse of power! (My guess is these Flag Police types are draft dodgers from the Viet Nam War era.)

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