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These are so interesting! I've been enjoying reading each and every one of your answers!
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The name of my new kitten is called...ROMEO!
Although shes female we have stook to the name.The main reason being my partner and i run our own karaoke buisness called Nosh&Decks after posh&Becks.Im nosh as i like food and Decks is my partner as he does the decks part of the buisness.
I wanted to keep a name in the buisness so i thought of something to go with posh and becks.I didnt like Brooklyn so i chose Romeo as its also a name to do with love.

Tell me what you guys think,good or bad.
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[quote=katson7]My stepsisters name is Katarzyna...QUOTE]

That's my sister-in-law's name! Although she is Kasia for short. Are you Polish by chance?

I chose my name because it's what I've been called in the web design community forever. My name is Diana-Marie and my first web development company was called DiMa Design (pronounced Dee-Mah). Now we are Flying Tiger Web Design, but still I'm called DiMa. It's easier to write and say than Diana-Marie, I guess. Even when I go to web design conferences it's on my name tag already and on the schedules, too Nobody knows me by Diana-Marie anymore, but everybody in the Macromedia community knows who DiMa is! My reputation proceeds me...uh oh.
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Mom of Many.....totally uncreative and totally self-explanatory......
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Kinda simple--I'm crazy about kittens! Oh, and if you see that handle on any other cat, sewing or Christian forum, yell, 'cause its probably me !
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The name serena_p is one I've been using since high school. Serena comes from my love of the Japanese anime Sailor Moon. (Serena is the name of the main character.) The p stands for my real name, which is Pamela.
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Well I love grey kittens... But I joined another cat message board first and someone else (Evidently not someone very active if at all) already had GreyKittenLove so I changed it to GrayKittenLove.
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I normally choose sunflower as my nickname but it was taken here. My friend used that as my nickname when he had a crush on me and wanted to talk about me in front of me. Dork. So I chose sensgirl because my favourite hockey team is the Ottawa Senators. Senators is too long so its Sens. Oh and I'm a girl.
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For some reason, my dutch grandparents couldn't spell 'Jamie'. On every card or letter I ever got from them, my name was spelled 'Jeamy', with two dots above the 'y'. When the internet came along, it seemed like a good fit, since I was already used to seeing it in print.

It's kind of strange, because they never had any trouble spelling my brothers' names.
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Mark Kumpf is really Mark Thomas Kumpf. Welcome to the world of the totally obvious. I got the last part from my parents and the first part from my parents. My middle name (Thomas) I got from my dad.

When I joined TCS it was in response to a specific issue (See I don't even mention the issue anymore Hissy!). Rather than use a handle or nickname I figured the best way to present myself was as... myself. In other places I am dogcop481 or mdog. Not here. And that "guest" thing got real old real quick. I hated having to only stand outside and watch and not be able to participate.
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Kellye, ek is baie goed, en jou? Hoekom kan jy Afrikaans praat?
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Tania, its been so long, my old friend is south african and so he taught me some afrikaans - I have forgotten a lot of it, and my dictionary is at home - so in answer to your question, a friend taught me

What exactly is yebo gogo? he always said that in letters.
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I worked for a number of years at an Arabian horse breeding farm that bred, raised, and trained Arabians in Dressage and Halter. Bossinova was the first horse I was a huge part in the training of. I did countless hours of groundwork with her, as well as basics in halter (I was still learning, too) and some dressage. It was an experience that I will always remember and cherish. It opened up my eyes to the bonds that can be formed with horses while doing groundwork. I love her, and if I had $65,000 to spend, she would have been mine ages ago!
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I tried a couple of others but they were already taken, and Charm was sitting in my lap at the time.
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Cassandra is my first name and Starr is my middle name
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DiMa....QUOTE: "That's my sister-in-laws name! Although she is Kasia for short. Are you Polish by chance?"

Yes, my step-sister and step-mother are Polish.....she is also known as Kasia or Kaska for short I am Yugoslav...her mum married my dad,
so I can speak both languages pretty well....
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Chelle is my nickname that a friend gave me a long time ago...guess saying
Michelle was too difficult LOL
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Originally Posted by katson7
Yes, my step-sister and step-mother are Polish.....she is also known as Kasia or Kaska for short I am Yugoslav...her mum married my dad,
so I can speak both languages pretty well....
Cool I speak some Polish but not a lot. Just enough to get buy. I speak fluent German and many Poles speak it as well so while in Poland I usually get by with a mixture of both.

My brother and his family live in Krakow. Poland is a gorgeous country!
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Easy - my first name. I figured that if I just use that, people won't misspell it (as they've been doing all my life...from Allison to Allyisson, although I believe the person who misspelled the latter of the two was drunk at the time)
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That's easy - it's short for Jamie Cat! And he got his name because his "tuxedo" reminded me of James Bond. I needed a double name, because my husband has this weird tick - he never addresses anybody by their first name (even me). This way, I can say "Jamie", and he can say "Cat" or "Katz'" when he's talking to the cat. Pretty strange, huh?
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Kellye, yebo gogo means 'yes grandmother' in Zulu. It comes from a SA cell phone company's funny TV advertising campaign.
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