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Mommy Wins!

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After Zoey had her surgery to remove 13 Stones from her bladder, I realized she needed to be drinking more water than she was. And because she'd rather lick the condensation off the side of my glass then go the 30 ft to get a drink of water... I decided to bring the water to her. And well the pictures say it all!

I had to turn down the speed of the pump on this one to get her to drink out of it... but she did it!

This one was setup for 2 minutes before I took this picture...

I WIN!!!
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Aaaww! Zoey is too cute!!!
Funny how some babies will drink from anywhere else but the water bowl!
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that is soooo adorable!!
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Good thinking Monica.......there's more than one way to outsmart a cat! HA
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That is such a clever idea! And cats think they are the smart ones!
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Awww she's so sweet
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What sweet pictures of Zoey! She has you trained so well, Monica!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
She has you trained so well, Monica!
Yes she does! I was thinking of photoshopping a box that says "Morphine Patch Goes HERE" in her bald patch.

I'm thrilled she's drinking more water and the other cats seem to be following her lead! I missed a photo op of Casey drinking out of the bedroom fountain last night.
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That is too cute!
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That is so precious!
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I love those indoor water fountains. That's all Sam will drink out of, and he "taught" bailey to drink out of it too, she ignores her water dish now. I have had one set up for a couple of years. His other choice is the bathtub, but I don't always leave the water dripping.
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