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What do you think about flying now?

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It doesn't bother me

I have to fly, but it makes me nervous

I won't fly if other transportation is available

I won't fly period!

I have no opinion one way or the other
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I voted that it doesnt bother me at all because I have flown since the terrorist attack and found that things were very secure. Actually I felt safer then I did before all the new security measures where in place.

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Flying (I assume you mean inside some sort of aircraft) doesn't bother me at all, as long as there's a professional air crew on board. In recent years I've not flow often, compared to the 1960s when I was flying all over the place. But I still find flying to be a pleasant adventure, not a chore.

I'm happy about the new security protocols, but they don't go far enough. Sworn law-enforcement officers (professionals) need to be providing all airport and airline security, not the poorly-trained and under-paid people who do it now.

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Here is my thought: If I have to get on a plane, I will get on one, and most likely I will not worry. I'd prefer not to step aboard a plane, not just because of the terrorist attacks, but sometimes there are times you hear of planes crashing due to engine failure, etc. It is really scary to think of something like that. But, then again, you can't live your live in fear!
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I hate flying, always have, always will. Has to do with my fear of heights I guess. I voted for looking for alternative transportation, but that's what I've always done in the past. Now I'll hate flying even more.
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Well, I am not a fond lover of flying in the first place. When I was living overseas, I flew back and forth to Logan Int'l numerous times. My worst fear isn't hijacking though, its more of mechanical failure, etc. I really fear that the engine is going to blow or something. And I HATE flying w/ my kids, I feel so unsafe for them. I think I'll avoid it as much as possible now that I am back in the USA permanently.
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I'm flying from the westcoast to Tampa on the 27th. I'm not really thrilled but will do it because I want to judge the cat show. The only time I will fly until we move back east is when I have to go to shows. Otherwise, I'll drive although I hate to drive. Once we get back east, the only time I will fly then is to judge a show in Tampa. I was never afraid of flying before but my husband didn't like me flying and now he's really worried although I tell him if it's my time, then there is nothing we can do about it. I'm sure it's safer to fly now then it was a month ago. The only problem I have now is that when I would leave or return, my husband was allowed to meet me at the gate (yes, our airport did allow this until now) so now we have to decide where to meet when I return.

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If I have to travel close by like California, Texas, or other areas, I'd either drive or take the greyhound bus. But when I have to go to mexico, then I have no choice.
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I forgot to mention that when I was a child, between 7 and 15, I would travel to and from Mexico by myself. I used to live in Buffalo, New York and when my family moved to Utah, I went to Mexico for the summer. Not once was I afraid. I remember my mother putting money in under my shirt and how the airport and the airline crew helped me. They assigned me to a flight attendant that will connect me to my flights and they will all give me treatment. But as I got older and hear scary details about plane crashes, my fear grew. Now, with the attack, I am really afraid.
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Dear Hissy,
Believe it or not for me to climb a ladder I get nervous! Yet if I was to visit my sister, who lives in WA state. I guess I would have to use a plane.
I feel that my life is in God's hands. If it is my time to go then it is.
I just trust God and whatever happens, then it is His will.
Yes, I am selfish because I would love to be here on earth.
His timing is not mine. As for flying, I would do it!

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Never again will my feet leave this earth!
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I don't like to fly much, not really because it frightens me (although the idea of crashing does cross my mind at times), but because I get restless sitting in my seat so long! It will make me more nervous now in the wake of the attacks, but with security being stepped up, I will feel a bit better about it. I live in England, but I am originally from the US so my family is there, and also I miss the US and for my own sanity I need to visit. If I had a choice of eventually dying on a plane, or never visiting the US again, I think I would choose the first. Going home is way too important to me to give it up.


*Love and prayers go out to attack victims, their loved ones, rescue workers and all of America and their allies. Be strong....we will all stick together!*
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I also voted it makes me nervous, but I have to.

Not because of terrorists. Actually right now is the safest time to fly in all of America's history.

I was stranded in Chicago for almost 2 weeks. No way to get home. It was such a complete feeling of helplessness. Absolutely no power over your destiny to be home. It was awful. My kitties were missing me and I knew it. I would try and avoid flying at this time simply because if another attack was to happend they would shut the airports down again. Being stranded and spending money on hotels and food that I don't is not worth flying.
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Hissy,in the past I,ve always wanted to fly,I have only been in a plane once when I was 18 months so I don,t remember.

I must say I used to love seeing planes fly,I thought they were beautiful machines,but since the horrible tragedy,I don,t see them in the same light anymore.

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