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you aint gonna believe this...

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Just been closing up the house for the night and went to the front door to put my head out and do as I have been doing - call out "thomas" into the cool evening air.
Well I'll be blown down with a leaf - he came running in - scared half to death but he came running in - covered in grassy stuff - but clean, thirsty and hungry -
for all your prayers - I thank you - I am now complete again and can sleep the sleep I have wanted for the last few days

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kev just a precaution, take Thomas to the vet to get checked out-
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Oh congratulations! What great news!
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I am so glad he decided to come back. Naughty kitty!
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Please cook that silly boy the salmon and shrimp dinner I promised him in my prayer...send the bill to me! I would have cryed my eyes out on seeing him! So glad you can rest easy now Kev.
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WHew! That's a relief. I'm so glad. Welcome home Thomas (it's about time!).

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Thank good ness he's back! I'm SO glad for you. I can only imagine how you felt.. But Hissy is probably right, go ahead and take him to the vet for a check, just to make sure..............
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There must really be something to this board magic! Welcome Home Thomas and don't do that again!!!
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Fantastic news. I bet Thomas has been gotting lots of love in the past 15 minutes or so.
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Oh wow! glad he made his way back!! I think hissy's right though. make sure nothing got him, and also like MoF says, give him a salmon and shrimp dinner, and lots of love!! and a stern but loving "don't you ever sccare us all like that again!
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How wonderful!

I agree with Hissy, a vet check might be in order for sweet little Thomas. God forbid if something bad happened to him!
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YEA! OUr vibing methods work Please have him checked out...

He sounds like he's been rollin in the grass for the last couple of days....hehe
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This is absolutely fantastic news! Hurray, Thomas!
oh, Kevin, you must be so relieved!
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I am so glad Thomas has returned home! I am sure you are loving all over him
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Thank goodness!!!! Board magic can work wonders!! WTG Thomas for making it home to family.
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What a relief!!! There ain't a better feeling in the world as when your lost kitty comes home.
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Thomas, shame on you, for frightening your daddy, like that!
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I'm so glad he came home! Now you can rest! I know it must have been so stressful while he was gone.
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I am so happy he is back
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am gonna run him into the vet this afternoon - do as you all say and give the little monkey a once over. Hes had a noisy night - waking me every few minutes, walking clean over the bed, over my face and then asleep next to me. If I stopped fussing, I got grief!!!! Talk about the loudest purr that he has ever given.
He knocked back a large chunk of tuna last night as well as drinking a bit but has settled back into running the house again.
I tried chewing him out but he gave me that look and I failed miserably.
We are wondering who has been away for a week - he vanished late tuesday afternoon last week, returns late tuesday this week.
Oh well - who cares - heres to more fusses and a cat that shouts and demands attention.

Best wishes

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Wooo hooo Thomas is back

Naughty boy!
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Vet has given the little munchkin a clean bill of health - little dehydrated, however, is in great shape.
He seems glad his ordeal where ever it was, is over - he yelled solidly all night demading attention and when it stopped as i drifted off- he yelled clean in my ear.
Life is good!

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I am so happy Thomas has returned home Kev!

Happy to hear he got a clean bill of health as well.

Drink lots of water Thomas
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So glad to hear he is home and all is well with the world!
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Such wonderful news!!!!!

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you must be so happy!!! thank god you got your kitty back
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Bet you never thought you would be happy to have him break your eardrum ^,^
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Could it be he got locked in some where and was just let out? I would keep him inside from now on! Glad he is back, happy & healthy!!!
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YAY! What great news!!!!! I"m so elated for you!
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