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Come and see......

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... What I get up to about 25 weekends a year!

I had friends here in mind when taking these pictures, I took a heap more will put them up on this thread soon!

This show is about 20 minutes away from where I live and is the "Hutt Feline Cat Show" Take a peek at what I saw today!

This is "Wishingwell Moulin Rouge" - Rouge is owned my my nanas friend Sue, she is a Blue Cream tabby exotic and has been bred with my lines, rouge got a best in show today!

This is "Grafton Joshua Cute" He's my little blue boy! he did really well today, here's a pic of him being judged!...
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Here are some Egyption Mau's which are fairly new to New Zealand.. I don't know there names but they looked like cuties so I took pics!

Here's a Blue Bicolor British SH, I love british!
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Here are a few shots of my 'Sophie' being judged, Sophie didn't do very well today but as robbie williams says "You win some, You loose some!

Here's my Blue Silver Tabby exotic girl- Special Effects, she is sophie & holly's sister...

Here's Iza Blue- The son of one of Nana's studs.. he's just gorgeous!

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Also some good news to share- We just brought a beautiful black persian male today, a stud cat to be, his name is "Pepperbox Moon Bear", He wouldn't let me take mug shots of him but heres one of his back!, Bear is gorgeous we are picking him up in a few weeks!

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That's all the pics for now!
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I just love cat shows. Your kids are sooo pretty. I know you had a great day. Thanks for sharing![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Blinky little tabby.gif[/IMG]
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Hey Barb.. Thanks .. I was handling cats today in the Shorthair section- the siamese,burmese,british abys etc
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just lovely Sam!
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Here's a Blue Bicolor British SH, I love british!
That Blue Bicolor British SH looks like Spike from the side! What a bunch of cuties.
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OMG!!!! I love all these pics!!! Thanks for sharing them!!! I just want to kid(cat)nap Grafton!!!! What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Jenn, In my first post I said, I had my friends in mind when... and I saw that and instantly thought of Spike, I just HAD to take a pic of him!

Hey Debby! He woould love it if you did he's an absolute dream! Geez I'm not biased!
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I have a couple of questions: First what's the difference between a British Shorthair and a Domestic Short Hair? To me, they look the same. Yet I'm gathering that one is a pedigree and the other isn't. Isn't it possible that some cats that are called Domestic Short Hairs, could possibly be British Short Hairs?

Also, I can tell that Iza Blue is a Persian cat (and a very beautiful one at that), but I'm gathering that Special Effects, is similar to a Persian but not exactly the same because the hair is shorter and the ears are a little different, right?

I'm not all that up to date on show cats. I do like Pedigree's, or Pure Bloods in certain breeds, but that's just my taste. I don't really know about show standards and the like.
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Hi Hope.

The difference between a British Shorthair and a Domestic shorthair is yes British are pedigrees, British have big boning, short cobby bodies big thick plush coats, with cracking, big copper eyes, small ears, etc etc, Domestic SH's can have light or big bone, short or long bodies, any colored eyes etc etc .. so brits are bred to a standard and domestics are not!

Special Effects is a Shorthaired Persian - called an Exotic - exactly the same type as a persian but with a shortned , more like a british coat.

Thanks for asking.
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Fascinating, Sam. Thanks for taking the time for these pics. I learned a lot. You cats are beautiful, and so are the others you showed us.

Do you get nervous or anxious when a judge is looking at one of your cats? What are your thoughts at that exact moment?
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Hello- My absolute pleasure, Thanks so much!!!

I do get really nervous when the judge is judging my cats, even though I have spent hours grooming them I'm still worried they might find a knot or a tail kink, some people click pens or suck their teeth or laugh at every judges comment when their cat is being judged but I just sit back with the anxiety in me, the results are always good, my cats do really well!
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Your kitties are so pretty! Glad your day went well. Woohoo! Another kitty! I don't have any black cats....
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Okay Sam when you get the black boy home post a lot of his pictures! All of your babies are so beautiful Don't forget to post a picture of him in the black kitties thread too
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HaHa Cathi- You will be sorry you asked!

Pictures are my , I definitly will he's just totally adorable
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