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How Spoiled?

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How spoiled are your kitties? And do they abuse the privelege?

My Basil is the most spoiled cat in the world I think. The whole house is his playground - nowhere is safe, nowhere is sacred.

Just today I was talking to my husband on the phone and Basil decided it was cuddle time, so he knocked the phone out of my hand so he could perch on my shoulder like a big fat fluffy parrot. He has found that if he cuddles on my shoulder, he can effectively block my view of anything else!

If I DARE to close the door when I go to the bathroom, he howls outside as though he's being tortured.

Ok, he's very spoiled, but even if I could change him I wouldn't. I love having a cat that wants to be with me and keeps me company.

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Ours are very spoiled. I made a bad mistake by giving them handouts when I eat. I started this when they were kittens (well, babies). Tigger is the best.... she rarely hops up on the table when I'm eating. She is a very patient girl, sitting pretty! Now, Gizmo & Scooter are little terrors when it comes to me eating. I can push them down, throw them from the table, & they still hop up. One time, Gizmo got up and stole part of my bagel sandwich when I wasn't watching. It was less than a second & he had the turkey in his mouth! :LOL: Fluffy & Cinnamon have gotten pretty good at not hoping up on the table. If they happen to be up there, they lay down and watch. :tounge2:

Of the 3 bengals, Scooter & Gizmo are the worst when we have the door shut, whether it's in the bedroom or the bathroom. Scooter is only 14 weeks, and he sounds like he is a baby who is hurting! He howls so loud. Gizmo does the same thing. My husband usually lets him into the bathroom -- the only thing Gizmo does is roll around on the floor. Another thing they both do.... they tackle each other right next to the door. Man, you should hear the noise -- it sounds like the door is about to come crashing down or they are about to knock a hole into it! :LOL:
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My two cats aren't "spoiled." Not according to them! They just have certain requirements that I'd best bear in mind.

For instance, Tonya insists upon being with me whenever I go to the bathroom. While I'm sitting there contemplating the nature of the universe or devising a plan to bring about world peace, she mews her little head off until I pet her. If the mewing doesn't work, out come the claws! Closing the door merely results in more mewing and the sight of a black paw reaching under the door. Then there's The Look when I finally emerge from behind the closed door! Tonya also insists upon being on my lap when I work at the computer system. As Seven of Nine would say, "Resistance is futile."

Michaela insists upon exploring whatever is behind closed doors: the closets, especially. She's much more low-maintenance in this regard than Tonya, but she's a good mewer. What she really hates are the locked cabinets in the kitchen! They've been locked ever since the day I heard odd noises in the kitchen; and upon closer inspection discovered they were emanating from one of the cabinets. Upon my opening the door, out walked Michaela — as casual and unrepentant as cats tend to be whilst performing their duty of examining everything within their purview.


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Smokey likes to look under the door when I close it. It is so cute to see his little paws poking under the door and his little face sticking under the frame. We have those doors that have about an inch under them clear. Smokey is definitely spoiled. Since he is an only cat, he gets everything he wants or doesn't want. He is an aggressive cat and my husband feels that having another cat would not be fair to him. I don't agree, but maybe someday we'll get another.
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As much as I hate to admit it, all of our cats are spoiled. Spooky and Speckals are pretty good about staying off the counters and a few others things they know they shouldn't do. I think they do these things when we aren't around. :LOL: They know there is a kitty treat for them every night around 10:00 and will let you know if you are late with it. :LOL: :LOL:
Misty, on the other hand, does exactly as she pleases whenever she pleases and if we should try to correct her she let's us know that we have no right to interfere with what she is doing. She's a riot! We're glad we took her in even if she is stubborn! :LOL:
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I also have a bathroom kitty. Mine is so spoiled that I have a towel I put over my lap so the cat can sit in my lap and knead while I "contemplate nature."
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ALL of my cats are spoiled!!!!!!
Twig and Rocket think everytime you are in the bathroom, you need to turn on the faucet for them to drink out of(come to think about it, you don't even need to be in there anymore, they will "call" from there)Everytime I go into Davenport I HAVE TO go to Petsmart and buy them treats, litter, food, toys, just because I want to. I think they have to BIGGEST toy box in the world!!!!:laughing: :laughing2We occassionally trade our toys with a friend that has two cats and so they think that they have new toys from her too(but don't tell them that they are not new!:tounge2:! )
They also jump on us at night and wake us up for pettings. Rocket will sit on my chest for pettings and drool all over me. Twig will alternate chests and wants to only be petted a couple of times before he runs away. The girls will fight about who gets to sleep by moms chest but otherwise they aren't TOO bad(spoiled wise)
But otherwise they aren't spoiled ONE bit!
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Spoiled? ummmmm...you mean this isn't the way we're expected to treat our cats?

Excuse me, I have to go move the cat tree into a sunbeam now...
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Matu and Chew really would prefer it if my husband and I would sleep somewhere besides our own bed so they could just have the whole thing! Of course I hate to move them over- wouldn't want to disturb their sleep or anything. If they are parked on the blanket, I just get up and get another. No, I do not spoil my cats- or my 3 dogs, for that matter
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Hmm I guess, ..yup, they're all pretty spoiled!! Especially mummys baby Bod, he just WILL NOT share me!! if I have him on my lap and another baby tries to get on, Bod splurges out all over me so theres no room!! If that doesn't work he'll try slapping them off, then if that still doesn't work, he leaps off in a strop and throws a dirty look my way!! :laughing: (though I never know whether the look is directed at me or the other kitty!)
They all know how to get exactly what they want.....just ask MUM!! (Dad is mean and doesn't let them on the couch or give them treats, but hey, Mum over-rules Dad anytime!! hee hee...shhh don't tell him that! Plus Dads a big hopeless softie at heart...)
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