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urinary infection?

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Hi again. The 5 kittens we rescued have been spayed/neutered. They are also on Albon for coccidia and it seems to have solved the loose stool problem. Now, 2 of the males seem to have a slight urinary infection. They go into the box and squat for at least 2 minutes, only leaving a couple drops of urine. They will pee a good pee the first time, then they go in there a couple more times, just to pass a couple drops. While at the vet yesterday (after the surgery) I did notice urine spots on the newspapers, which looked like they had a drop of blood in them. I asked the doctor and he didn't think it was anything to worry about, but it would make sense that if they had coccidia and their private parts are so close together, there could be some cross-contamination that caused a slight infection. Otherwise,they are fine. Eating, drinking, and playing normally, but given that they had surgery yesterday, and their shots, they are a little out of it today, but eating just fine. Shall I ask my vet for an antibiotic? They have 3 more days on the Albon and I know that has an antibiotic in it, but not a strong one.


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Since they are sooo young and suseptible I would call the vet and explain what is going on....
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You probably know this, but urinary tract infections in males can be a real problem. The irritation from the infection can cause blockages - and the inability to eliminate can cause any blocked cat to die from toxicity.

Don't mean to alarm you - it is also just as likely that their bladders are empty which is why there's only a few drops. But it hurts and is irritating, so they constantly feel like they have to pee.

Kitties should see the vet. They may need to have their bladders expressed, they may be dehydrated and need subcutaneous fluids. The vet really needs to determine whether or not their bladders are full or empty, and ASAP.
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Any time a vet who dismisses blood in urine with a male cat, you need to find a new vet. Male cats get UTI's very easily. In fact, my baby "Red" gets them often, so we had to change his food and make sure he has plenty of fresh water!
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