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I thought only puppies chewed

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My head board, the handle on my rocker recliner, & now the antena on my cell phone. These are the latest on a list of things that my cats have chewed on. The boys are both a year old now & seems they chew on things when they are upset, or trying to get my attention. I bought some of the bitter apple stuff & it has stoped them chewing on the things I put it on, but I feel like I'm going to have to cover my whole apprtment in the stuff if they don't stop soon. Which brings me to my question, should I buy them chew toys? I worry that encouraging them to chew on things is a bad idea. Any suggestions?
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I've never dealt with that in cats, but with dogs giving them a chew toy is actually the best way get them to stop chewing on the wrong things. With dogs, at least, it's a lot easier to teach an animal what to do than what not to do. You might want to try some rawhide sticks from the pet store (get the made in USA kind for safety), and anytime you catch them showing interest in something you don't want them chewing on, redirect their attention to their chew toys. That, combined with bitter apple on the off-limits stuff, has worked for me with dogs. Hopefully it will work for your kitties.
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Actually, I did once have trouble with Sylvestra running off with my emery boards and chewing on them (that can't have been good for her teeth).

I gave her these N-Bone cat chew treats to chew on whenever I filed my nails, so she would let me file in peace.

She also liked these rawhide munchy strips & sticks.

I found them both at the local pet store.
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Hey thanks for the ideas. I tried rawhide when they were younger & they didn't show intrest, but I'll try some of theo stick type & maybe they will like those. If not I know people with dogs who will eat them.
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I don't normally have a problem with chewing (with the exception of the occassional plastic bag or cardboard box), but found that my Muddy loves to steal the puppy's basted rawhides or pigs ears. He doesn't like the plain rawhides at all. I'm not sure how good it is for him, so I take them away after a short time of play. He's just happy cause he thinks he got away with something for a while.....
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