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Cass and Hissy meet, what has this world come to??!?

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So I *finally* got to meet Hissy and her husband Mike. Let me tell you I had the most fun I've had in a loooong time.

First things first, Craig and I met Kenai. We both fell head over heels in love with her. She's so beautiful and soooooooooooo sweet. She talks too. Such a beauty. Off and on all night I was giving her so much love and attention, and as Hissy said before.. if I had brought a bigger purse I woulda took her home with me.

Then we head out back and I got to meet some of her crew. Bailey in all his orange sweetness. Such a sweetie. Came right up to me and started rubbing against my leg. From what I understand this is their horse kitty!! I distinctly remember Mike looking over at Bailey and saying "That cat is gonna fall into that horse trough." LOL!

Of course I got to meet the trips, and I have to tell you this too... they are 1000% more beautiful in real life than those pictures MA posts. If you can believe thats possible Beautiful sea-green eyes. Noddy kinda checked me out, and was sauntering towards me. I turned to look at her and she immediately started grooming, as to say, "What you think I was coming to see you, hah, I could care less". I turn my head back towards MA and the horses and suddenly I feel a rough little tongue on my ankle. Noddy was giving me some good ole kitty kisses! YAY! Later that night I repaid her with some good ole fashioned loving. She let me pet her for a good 5-10 minutes straight. She's a joy.

Wink was a little more cautious and while she let me pet her a bit she wouldn't roll over on her side and do the "aren't I adorable, pet me pet me pet me" dance for me. She's such a cutie though! She stays soooo clean too. Awww the trips were so wonderful!

Taz was just gorgeous and watching her groom on the porch cracked me up because she was sitting in such a funnnny position. She never did let me get too close but she was a joy to watch none the less.

Kubota was sooo B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !! He's very big and you can definitely see the Maine Coon in him. Striking features and the way he presented himself and walked. You could clearly see he was "King of the Jungle" or at least he thought so. Man, he was such a beaut.

MA let me feed the horses and that tickled me pink. It was a blast. Kinda scary at first. She handed me the feed and all of a sudden these big ole beautiful creatures just started walking right at me. I was thinking "WOAH!" MA got a few pictures of the feeding fest and I think I made two new best friends Her horses really are quite lovely.

She showed me her creek, and her cherry trees. Their land out there is soooo nice. Well, after our escapades outside MA took me inside and it was time to meet the highlight of my visit. Yup you guessed it. King Starlight. Your highness was ever so kind enough to let me pet him for a few minutes, show me that he had one big monster of a purr. Then it was off to his cave under the bed. Awwwww.

We left him be for a little and MA took Craig and I into the living room. Her and Mike showed us some pictures from Alaska (which by the way were SO BEAUTIFUL). Both and Craig and I were fascinated with the pictures and the stories Mike told about Alaska. Let me tell you, if anyone can tell you a great story it's Mike. He's a great man.

After a little while MA and I went to feed Starlight. Sat on the bed and chit-chatted while Your Royal Highness ate dinner. After more conversation and just down right having a good time Starlight decided it was play time. I don't think I have EVER been more tickled than I was when he started playing. He is just a pure delight. He'd take his little ball and swat it across the room, and then go FLYING full speed after it. He'd try to stop and just SKID across the floor. Come to a stop, and he swat it and start the ENTIRE process over again. He was sooo funny and the way he jumped and ran after the toys just made me giggle soooo much. Debi, he's a treat and you're just gonna LOVE him.

So after that and some pictures with Starlight it was kinda time to head home. It was getting late and MA had some work to do as well as a wonderful lady named Anne to get up with. Mike was probably anxious for bed and both him and Craig were starting to have back aches.

My only regret was that Cyclone just refused to come out and visit.

He's on my agenda for next visit. Craig and I *really* wanted to meet him. I'm sure he came right out as soon as we left! LOL!

MA, thanks for having us. Both of us had a total blast Give Kenai and the trips some good looooving from us. And tell Starlight that we said thank you for being so sweet and letting us love on him.

Btw, you tell Mike that I might be interested in getting a knife for Craig.. after finding out how fascinated Craig was with it all I think it'd make a goood present! You guys just gotta give me a price and maybe Mike will know what kind of a knife will be good for him (I'm totally clueless)!
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Oh, cass, thanks for the lovely detailed post! I really want to know, did you recognize all of the cats from their pics and descriptions here?
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Wow Cassie, sounds like you had a great visit. Hope to see some of the pics of your visit on here. Good for you guys!
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Oh wow! That was so lovely to read about! I am glad you got to visit, I would love to do that some day!! I also want to see some pics!
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I saw your photo and you are just beautiful! You are the spitting image of my cousin Su!
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Oh my Goodness...I'm so jealous! It sounds like it was a wonderful visit & definitely one to remember!

This reminds me of the conversation we all had about having a reunion of some kind! That would be SOOO much fun!

Glad you enjoyed yourself & thanks for sharing all the details with us!
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What a wonderful description you have given us all, and what a beautiful day for you. You touched Starlight, and fed the horses, WOW I'd love to do that
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Ok my turn to share! LOL at Cass, she is a delightful woman, and all my animals loved her. She and Craig were funny and warm and just fun to be around. Cass has an infectious laugh and I got the biggest charge out of her when she would get so tickled at Starlight while he played.

They came about 7:00 p.m. and I think they left at midnight? Or around there anyway. She got the grand tour of the place and she met all the animals but Ghost, Cyclone and Squirrel. Even Kabota let her touch him, and for that she should be honored. Kabota is very feral.

We had a good time talking, and had a lot in common. And yes, Mike is a great storyteller- I have heard the stories many times.

Starlight was a bit overwhelmed at first but once we all piled on the bed (legs included) curiousity got the best of him and he came out and leaped in the middle of us. He won't come out if he sees feet and legs-

Cass really like my horses and she did a foodfest with them- here is a photo taken at the time.

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Your place sounds wonderful Hissy.......if you ever get a chance, since I'm relatively new to TCS, could you describe it for me? Sounds like a farm.
Thanks for the pic and we hope to see more!
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What a great picture. Your horse is so shiny MA. Would love to see the black one properly.
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Aww! That was so great that you guys got to meet, I bet that wont be the last you'll be seeing of each other!

Lovely descriptions, and a lovely photo.
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Cilla, below is a photo of when I was bomb-proofing him one summer (getting him used to strange objects, before his first horse show) hence the goblin balloon-

Kittylover, we have 3.5 acres of usuable land and 1.5 acres of woodlands on our property. We have century old trees, a 45 year old house we are remodeling, several barns and lots of fruit trees etc- I love it here, I took Cass back to the creek last night, that is my quiet spot- beyond the creek lie the woods

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He's gorgeous MA!
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Thanks, I think so, he has lost a lot of weight since that photograph was taken, about 200 pounds, so he isn't quite so full in the belly
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As someone else already said - that was just lovely to read Cass! It sounds like you guys had a wonderful evening! I would just LOVE to meet the gang someday, especially Kenai and the horses!!
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Oh Man. Those horses are sooooooo sweeeeet. I think as long as you feed em they'll love like there's no tomorrow! LOL! I just couldn't stop petting em. I wish I could talk more about Mike's shop and how he does his knife work, but Craig is the one that knows about all that and he doesn't really do online forums.

Kenai was so special and so beautiful. She's such a lovely dog and has a greaaaat personality. She's big too! LOL! She's almost pony riding size for me... though I am only 5'3". You guys would just love MA's place and her animals. Oh, and they are DEFINITELY spoiled *grin*.

Someone asked if I was able to recognize her crew from the photos. I was able to tell the horses apart right off the bat (that's easy.. completely different colors.. LOL). I couldn't tell Noddy from Wink... I just knew that they were the trips. I could obviously recognise Kenai and Starlight. The rest required introductions, but they're all so great.

When Kubota came up and rubbed my hand MA.. it took all I had not to squeal with delight.
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MA thank you so much for that. He is a beauty, I love his colourings and he has a most lovely face.
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I couldn't see the last picture you were talking about.

Your place sounds ex hubby and I used to go to Bandon, OR, alot. Anywhere near there?
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Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Got more pictures?
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I loved reading your post and I bet you guys had a great time! I'm very jealous!

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That's so lovely to hear of members meeting up with each other. It sounds like you all had a brilliant time.

We should all try doing something like that!
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OMG , I am so envy that Cassandra_Starr got to meet Hissy

What a wonderful day you all had and wish I could have been there . I am sure that was a visit not to forget ,ever . I am happy for both of you girls that you got to meet each other . The horses look great and what a shiny coat they have . I love all the pics you posted in here MA . And I agree we do need to see more pics of that wonderful day
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In my defense, I hate having my photo taken. My dad was a hobby commercial photographer when I was growing up and I used to have to go on photo shoots and be models for postcard shots- so I tend to not like cameras much!

But here is Cass, Noddy and I from our visit

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Mary Ann how tall are you or is Cass like me 'tiny'
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I'm 6' I think Cass is 5'3"?
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I'm jealous too! Sounds like you all had a wonderful evening.
MA, your place sounds beautiful and from what I can see from the pictures it is!
Love the picture of you and Cass and Noddy

Thanks for sharing your evening with us Cass and Hissy.
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MA and Cass, thanks so much from all of us I'm sure for sharing.........let's us feel like we were kind of there too!

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