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Do any of your babies suckle/nuzzle you?

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Just curious, my Petals loves to bury her head in my neck and lick, lick, lick. Almost till I have rug burn!! Do any of your babies do this? Trixie, when she was little, used to chew on my hair. Both kneed at the same time that they did/do this.
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Saki likes to lick my earlobes
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I used to have cats that liked to lick my earlobes and suckle on my toes when I was sleeping, those are the kitties that I had since their birth and they considered me their mother. But the kitty I have now had a rough early start in a humane society and is kind of a macho kitty, he's never suckled, but he does kneed.
I think it depends on the personality of your kitty and possibly how early your kitties are weaned.
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Our new kitty suckles my neck and kneads while doing it. I have to keep his claws cut. He usually only does this when I get home from work (I think it is a security thing - he's been alone all day and wants to be reassured I'm there) and before he goes to sleep. He actually gets a good hold onto my skin with his little mouth and sucks (it doesn't hurt in the least), kneads (this DOES hurt if those little claws are not trimmed), and purrs like crazy until he falls asleep. Then he lets go with his mouth and has dribble all down his chin and throat and all over my neck, but I love him soooo much I don't care.
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Sounds like my Petals..........they can drool all they want...........
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Lofdi does my hair (all of it); he plops down on my shoulder or the headboard of the bead and starts at the front, working his way back. He doesn't knead while he is doing it though.
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Rosie licks my hand, but Sophie!!!!.

I could be asleep when she wakes up early, starts purring around my face then proceeds to wash my neck, nose and chin.

Aaaaaaaaargh if only her tongue wasn't so rough!!.

I end up putting me head under the quilt
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When Samwise was little he'd suck my fingers and knead and purr up a storm, it was so sweet. I called him my sucky kitty. But he out grew the suckling now he just licks my finger tips.
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No sucking behavior on the part of my two, but Red Cat likes to neck. He puts his head under my chin and vigorously rubs his chin against mine. This usually happens in the middle of the night. What a way to be awakened! Males!
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Felix and Buttons knead and suckle me to pieces, Tara and Pebbles knead and lick.
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Bandit does he is more lovable then Smokey is. Of course things can change since they are both only about 9 weeks or so.
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