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Manx kittens and other problems....

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Problem 1:
I reported in another thread about our Manx not wanting too much to
do with her kittens. She will nurse them, only if we are there watching her.
As soon as we leave, she leaves the kittens. We really would not like to
hand raise them. They are about 2 weeks old. Is there any organization
that will take these younguns? We also want rid of the mother Manx cat.
We are not big cat lovers. They all adopted us.

We are in north Florida in case someone out there is interested.

Problem 2:
We have 4 other kittens about 7 weeks old. We keep them out in the shed. We are going to take them to the humane society when they have room. The current problem is that they infested with fleas. What's the best way to rid them of the fleas? The mother of these kittens is a great mother, however she is not the friendliest of cats so it would be a little difficult to rid her of fleas.

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I'm in Australia so can't advise about foster carers in the USA. If possible, please keep this mom-cat and ehr kittens together. With the flea treatment, it is safe to use a kitten strength spot-on treatment on the kittens such as Program or Advantage. Hopefully, the mother will pick up some of it on her coat as she lays with the kittens or there is a product that contains anti-flea vitamins in treats. Let me see if I can find the link for you.
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Here is a site for Manx rescue. The first result is a contact for a group in Florida. If this doesn't work, you can do a google search for Manx rescue Florida for more results. I have gotten good responses from them in the past - people who love Manx's really love Manx's. I suggest that you don't separate them if these groups can help you quickly.

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