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How do u reintroduce cats ?

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I've been reading over the boards and i've seen mention that u can reintroduce cats.. How do you go about doing that ? I have one kitten whos approx 2 1/2 months (stray) and recently another one approx 6 weeks joined us. Unfortunately at the time i didn't know about shutting one in a room for a few days and needless to say it hasn't gone well so far. My existing kitten can't stand the new one and the new one just wants to get to know the existing one.
We've had the new one since Saturday. We've been bringing them together a few mins at a time each day. Sometimes i feel like i'm seeing progress with the existing kitten but othertimes not.

So my question is, how do you reintroduce cats if you messed up the first introduction ? Is there hope that they'll get along eventually ? I really don't want to have to find a new home for my newest kitten
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Hi and welcome to TCS. There is a great article on introducing cats here. Also a thread here.
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Thank you for your response I read the article just a little while ago actually LOL...
I guess what i'm asking is can i start all over again with putting one in a separate room and getting used to one anothers smell on the blanket ? Is it too late to do that seeing as they've already had a few encounters ?
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It can help. But how bad are the "encouners?" When we brought in Sheldon with only Lazlo here, I didn't know about cat "introductions" and we just let them loose. We thought they were going to kill each other. But with all the experience I have now - I know they weren't actually endangering each other. They won't necessarily be friends - especially right away. But what is the body language? Ears back? Hissing? Arched backs? Ridged backs? Flat, waving tails? For cats, on their back on the floor is not a "give" position - but an effective defensive/attack position, positioning themselves so they can use their strong back legs.

One kitty hitting the other on the head is a way in which they establish who's alpha. And with two or more cats, until this gets established, there will be "fighting." This can be lowered with slower introductions, but if one cat is used to having the territory to themselves and another is introduced - and the newbie wants to be alpha cat, there is going to be friction.

Separating them can help. Giving lots of attention - and first - to the established kitty helps. Giving them extra alone play time, treats, etc. all helps too.

But backing up and segregating newbie won't hurt and following steps of introduction won't hurt if they're drawing blood or large mouthfuls of fur, bleeding scratches on the ears or nose, etc. Then they should be separated.
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Well when they were first introduced the existing cat did a whole lot of hissing, the kitten wasn't the slightest bit timid, he wanted to make friends.
The older one would pounce on the smaller one every chance he got. At first it was jumping on him, grabbing him around the backend and kind of nibbling on him. Then when he was done that he'd put his teeth around the kittens neck and bite all the while kicking it as well. Thats when he really started to bite hard and i separated them.
I guess i wouldn't be that concerned if the younger one were old enough to defend itself but it just lays there and gets bullied by the existing cat.
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Yeah - that sounds like something to keep an eye on. It's so hard to tell if your older kitty doesn't like the kitten - or if he's just annoyed with kitty trying to play with him. Our cats were all pretty tolerant of kittens, but I sure can understand how they could be annoying to a cat that doesn't want to play. I honestly don't know if a reintroduction helps here - or if it's just a matter of time until kitty grows up and becomes less kitten-like. Maybe invest as much time as possible into giving your older kitty whatever type of attention he does like without the presence of young kitty, and LOTS of play time with the young kitty so he doesn't focus all of his desire to play on the older kitty? Certainly can't hurt to try!
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