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Missing my Ming

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11 weeks ago tomorrow, I lost my beautiful 20 year old siamese seal point Ming. She was my best friend, my soul mate. What a good girl she was. Age, kidney failure, seizures and who knows what else claimed her precious little life. She had some ailments, heck she was 20!. But, overall she was doing good. The one Saturday she could hardly get up. I thought at that moment she was going to die. I took her to the vets and she stayed there for 3 days. She seemed to start to do better then downhill, slowly. Force feeding my poor baby, giving her meds (which she hated), I learned how to give her fluids. She was down to 4 lbs. She could hardly get off the bed or onto it. I loved her so much I wanted and tried to do all I could for her. Then one night she had a terrible seizure, the next a smaller one. I knew this was it.

I just can't talk about it any longer. I still see her little face. I still see her putting her paw on my arm as if to say, "it's ok Mom", or "please don't do this". I feel as though I failed her. When she left, she took the best part of me. I miss her so much.

Thank you for allowing me to ramble. I appreciate it. Prayers for all our little ones.
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Your beautiful tribute has moved me to tears. I'm so sorry you lost your best friend. No words can ease the agony and empty hole you have in your heart. What a beautiful relationship you and Ming shared, you were both blessed to have eachother. You provided her the best care possible, and she is now in perfect health looking forward to the day the two of you are reunited. Thank you for sharing your precious Ming's life with us.
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I am so sorry about Ming - you are in my thoughts. She is now at the Rainbow Bridge where she will give you a wonderful welcome when your time comes.
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Thank you so much for your kind words and moving responses. Ming and I appreciate it so much.
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I am so sorry about poor sweet Ming - your soulmate. She will be sending you such love and thanking you for all that you did for her. God Bless
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