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Still fighting!

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I am going crazy! My 2 cats are still fighting. Both were fixed on June 2 and about a week later Iggy started getting VERY aggresive. It almost seems he wants to kill poor little Hobbes. I see from other posts that they need to be introduced again but in my home that is damn near impossible. The only door in my house is on the bathroom & if I put Iggy in there he shreds the place. Hobbes hides constandly and only comes out to use the litter box and eat when I carry him out. I am thinking now maybe I should just get 2 litter boxes and feed each in a seperate place. Then try and get some plywood to seperate them (not sure I can with the layout of this house). I do not want to have to give one of them away, they are both very affectionate cats and I love the lil buggers. I tried marking them both with vanilla but that didnt work. Any other thoughts or suggestions that might save my sanity? Thanks!!!
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Yes, it's a good idea to have 2 litter boxes and 2 different feeding places. You might also want to invest in a Comfort Zone plug-in to help create some harmony with your two cats. You can read more about it here.
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Hey, I'm only a rising 8th grader, but when my boys fight (they're brothers, it happens often) i separate them. Once, they had to be separated for over 3 days b4 they stoppped looking at eachother funny. This happens quite often and separating them a lways works for me. try it... =^_^=
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