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Porch Purrers No More

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I can't believe it, but we captured all 3 of our little porch purrers a few hours ago. Yesterday the cage I had ordered arrived. I put it out on the porch with their food and water in it so they would investigate. Tonight, I thought maybe I would put some canned cat food in the cage and try to get them. I didn't want MommaKitty in there with them because she fights with them now. It ended up with MommaKitty going in to eat the food (I was giving up for the night. They were too busy playing.) and along comes Tiger, then Skitters, and finally Angel wandered in. As soon as she got through the door I quickly shut it. They went crazy trying to get out. I put an old bedspread over the cage, which I had put out for them several weeks ago to sleep on, over the cage and they quieted right down. After several minutes I carefully let MommaKitty out and we brought the cage into the house. They are afraid but quiet. I'm not too sure how I am going to get them checked out by the vet. I hope they settle down so I can get a hold of them to take them soon. I feel good about catching them because now I know they won't get hit by car or anything else but it also makes me feel a little guilty when I look at them in that cage and know that they won't be running around the yard chasing each other and running up the trees. It will be nice though not to have to scoop poop out of my garden so often now. I also wish I had another cage for MommaKitty. She apparently went into heat several weeks ago and is pregnant again. It would be nice if she had her babies inside so they wouldn't be so fearful of us. Just wanted everyone to know that we finally captured the babies.
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Congratulations! For giving those kittens a safe and loving home you deserve a Blob-O-Rama:

I hope you can catch the mother cat, too! It's a wonderful thing you're doing, in saving those kittens from the harsh realities of outdoor life.


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Well done Gemini!! Wooohoooo!!! I hope you get to help Mommakitty out too - just think, more teeny weeeny babies toplay with!! Ooooo Im jealous!! You've done a great job - keep up the good work!

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You got 3 at once?! Good for you! My Papa cat would be so jealous. I have a 13 year old dsh that loves kittens. He has raised every one that has come into my house. He would bathe and tend to the bottle babies and has even let one nurse on him for comfort. He is top cat around here and keeps the others in line. He still bathes the other 3 at least once a day, even though 2 of them are grown and the baby is 5 months old. He gets his bath whether he wants it or not! Good luck with Mom and the ones on the way. Are you going to keep them?
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Thank you Mr. Cat for the blob-o-rama! And thank you BodLover and krazy kat2 for your thoughts! They seem to be doing OK this morning. Tiger was trying to lay a guilt trip on me by meowing and sticking his paws out of the cage as if saying, "Please let me out. I don't like it in here."

I had to carefully clean the bottom of their cage because they had scattered kitty litter all over the place. There were 3 clumps in the box this morning so I am assuming that each one has peed, but no poop. I hope they realize they have to do that in the litter box too. :confused2

They each let me pet them a little bit. Angel seems to be the only one that hisses at us when we get near. Our other 3 kitties have seen them and don't really care except for little Misty. She has decided in the 2 short weeks that she has been here that she is the ruler of the house and everything should be done her way. She even let's us know when WE are not doing as SHE wants. She has been given the nickname Miserable Misty. She is the definition of cat in every way!

I am not sure if we will be able to keep them or not. We probably will if we can't find anyone to adopt them and if my husband gives in to my girls and I. We told him he was outnumbered 3 to 1 in favor of keeping them. More than likely he will give in. :laughing:

Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, we will get MommaKitty in the house. I'm not sure though if she will get along with all the other kitties. Time will tell. We'll just have to take all of this one step at a time.
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Gemini, you are such an angel for taking those kittens into your home, and I hope your hubby lets you keep them, they will get used to you soon, I am sure....could you show us a picture?
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G - I am a little late with this - but WHAT A GOOD JOB!!!!
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Dear Pat :angel2:

Like Deb said, I'm a bit late, but thank God for you !!!! :flash::flash::flash:::flash:

Love & Big Major Hugz :angel2:

Is there another Deb in the Houzzzzze...:laughing2:laughing2
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Thanks Debby, Deb & Cat!!
They got a clean bill of health from the vet Saturday and are all slowly adapting to life inside.
I was going to post a pic of each one but it looks like Sara didn't finish the page the other day. This is one of the last pictures taken of them before they came inside. It's a little fuzzy because it was taken through the screen. If it doesn't work you can see this picture and one of Angel if you visit my webpage.

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G - they are absolutely gorgeous!
If I lived closer - I would stop by and sneak one out - of course I would have to get a divorce, but.........
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