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Accidentally stepped on kittens leg...

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Tonight my kitten was chasing his usual phantoms, and he got caught up under my legs while I was walking through our apartment. I tripped forward and accidentally stepped on his leg .

Now, he is limping on that leg. When it happened, he didnt scream or squeel, but he did hiss real quickly then ran under the bed. He came out pretty quickly though. He still seems able to attack things like my other cat, my foot, and anything else he deems interesting, but I am worried because he is limping.

I try to play with his foot to see if it is broken, and he doesnt really seem to mind, so I guess it isn't broken or anything. However, I am a big guy and weigh around 220 pounds. I am pretty sure I stepped on him with at least 75% of my weight when I tripped. Should I take him to the vet? I have spent about $300.00 in the past month for his shots, toys, ect... but I really love this cat, so I will spend whatever is necessary to ensure he is healthy.

Like I said, he seems playful, he does not try to avoid me, he is still launching himself at the other cat, much to her chagrin. The only sign something is wrong is that he limps when he puts weight on that foot.

I feel like a jerk for stepping on him, but I really didnt see him when he went under my legs. My wife said its not my fault, but I still feel bad.
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Given your size and how fragile your cat's leg bones are, I would indeed take him to the vet tomorrow if he is still limping and get him checked over and x-rayed.
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It can do no harm to have the vet check it ut but it could do harm not to.
I know that sounds confusing but we cannot see with the naked eye what a vet can see with equipment.
If the vet examines it the vet should know by what is seen whether or not x rays are required.
Also keep checking the kittens gums to make sure they have not gone paler than usual as that is one of the signs of shock, if the kittens gums have gone paler or it starts to behave strangely such as trembling or lethargic an emergency vet is required.
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Your wife is right, it's not your fault. I'm sure most of us at one time or another have accidently stepped on the cat's tail or stumbled because of a kitten's eagerness to entwine itself around our legs. Unfortunately, your kitten may have an injury and a vet visit is a must. Be gentle on yourself, your kitten is obviously fine with you, most likely doesn't even remember the incident and is probably wondering why his foot is sore.
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Hi, just to update you guys, I did take my kitten to the vet today. She did an xray and determined that he had no broken bones, but he did have swelling. She gave him an anti inflammatory shot and he seems alot better.

I will have to pay extra careful attention to where I step, because he is still trying to attack my feet and legs while I walk lol.

Reminds me of my friends dog that nearly choked to death on a tennis ball he had swallowed. She had to reach down his throat and pull the ball and give him mouth to nose recussitation. He was revived by this. For 20 minutes he lay there breathing heavily. Then he got up and started chewing on the tennis ball again.
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Go buy a package of ping pong balls, stick a few in your pocket, and as you walk and you see him attack, throw the ping pong ball into a corner to distract him. He will hopefully play with the ping pong ball and stay out from under your feet- Glad nothing was broken!
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Glad the kitty is doing ok! I usually do what I call the "kitty shuffle" when around kittens or in the dark. I don't pick my feet all the way up, just kind of shuffle along. It helps me limit the amount of stepping on the cats get - but it does occasionaly turn out to be a small "cat-a-pult"
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" It helps me limit the amount of stepping on the cats get - but it does occasionaly turn out to be a small "cat-a-pult"

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I am glad that your baby is doing better! Stepping on our babies when they are chasing "phantoms" is definetly a concern of cat owners! Good luck.
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