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Fireflies and macaws

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The other night I chanced to catch fireflies on the top of the tallest tree in my garden and my eyes got all watery. I felt pretty good and happy.
Then I remembered that a few weeks ago I watched this film about macaws in the wild. These birds mate for life and as a pair their movements are so synchronized they seem to share the same mind or something. They did everything together and at the same time. It was so amazing that I started crying. I told myself these birds should be the symbol of love (not the doves or the swan or whatever).
So this is my question (perhaps a silly one), what animal (aside from the cat) move you to tears?
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So this is my question (perhaps a silly one), what animal (aside from the cat) move you to tears? [/quote]

Seals, especailly baby seals. When I was a little girl I practically lived in Prospect Park, a huge park in Brooklyn that was designed by the same men who designed Central Park. It is a lovely park, over 500 acres...YES IN BROOKLYN! Separate from the park is a Botanical Garden, that houses a garden for the blind, a rose garden, a Japanese garden a a hot house and the park is filled with weeping willows, my favorite tree. Next to the Park is Prospect Park Zoo, though it's not called a zoo anymore, I think a "Zoological Center." When I was I little girl, even though I went there EVERY week with my grandparents, I practically had a heart attack running to see the seals. Seals, elephants. monkeys, birds, were my favorites. I loved to see the seals romp and play in their pool, sun themselves on the rocks, frolic like silly kids with each other and eat their fish dinners! Their beauty makes me want to tear up as does the rememberance of my grandparent's love and patienc. Especially my Poppy, who taught me so much about the animals, and like a true Englishman all about the birds and flowers.
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I was watching a documentary last night on the emotions of animals. They showed a monkey (I don't know what type) that had given birth to a stillborn baby. It made me cry to see this poor animal's heartbroken response. When the park rangers had to finally take this baby away from the mother to buy it (she carried the baby around as if it were alive for over a week) she just wailed. It was awful.
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It's so true. It's so beautiful to see the deep emotions that animals possess. This really can move me to tears also.
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Birds of prey-hawks, kites, etc. They are just so beautiful in the air. It's also wonderful that a lot of them have come back from the brink of extinction. We have several pairs of peregrine falcons here in Cleveland.
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I've always been fond of manatee and polar bears. nothing to me is more sweet than manatee.
OH!! I almost forgot my obsession with baby goats, lol. I think my heart flies when I see a baby goat. Jason's parents live out in the country sort of, and there's a farm down the road with a whole bunch of goats. Whenever there's any kids out, all you hear is me going "babygoat!! iwannita babygoat!"
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