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Mama Cat (Grayce) Moved Her Kittens

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Hey. Grayce moved her six day old kittens out of my bathroom closet (it's out of the way, nice and dark) into the livingroom behind my couch. What should I do? I think the bathroom is warmer and less drafty. I emptied out my son's dresser drawer, padded it with towels, and put the kittens in there, so they would at least be off the floor.

Hubby moved the kittens back into the box in the bathroom when she first started this, but she went immediately and moved them behind the couch again. (That's when I fixed up the drawer.) She is nursing all five kittens, so I don't think any of them are sick.

What should I do? Move them back into the bathroom and keep the door shut, so she can't move them? Or let her do as she wants?

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Mother cats will often move their newborn kittens. Please let her do so until she finds a suitable place for them. too much hadling will make her confused as they will not smell the way they should and she may reject them. Just let her nest as she wants to. ^.^ by the way, congratulations.
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Mum feels more comfortable there and she feels they are ready to be moved so I would leave her there. She is happy with the new arrangement therefore not stressed.
To keep returning her and the babies will stress her and then she may move them to somewhere that is definately not appropriate. At least here you can still keep an eye on them and be able to check that all kittens are feeding ect.
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