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I'll Be BACK. . . . . .

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Because of everything that has been going on involving our great nation and the terrible losses we have all endured; I do not want to make this a long thread where I go into everything that is wrong. I will simply say that I have to stay in the "Wonder Bed" (except to go to the bathroom) and force fluids, primarily water and NOTHING with caffein; for the next 72hrs. I will miss getting the old Web-TV keyboard out and checking in with everyone here, but it is hooked up to the big-screen TV in the living room and it would not be worth disconnecting and hooking up in the bedroom for only 3 days. . . . (ONLY 3 days! I'm sure it will seem like an eternity after the first 12 hrs. or so) :jarswim:

I pretty much HAVE to do this or else face going back to the (UGH) hospital! Take care, everyone and God Bless America. . . . . . (I have a lot of reading I can catch up on; since I have been spending way too much time watching TV and the internet because of the WTC disaster.

TLK _V_ (oh,no not another glass of water. . .
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I miss you already.

take care of yourself

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Darlene, I am so sorry to hear about this
But I guess it is better than the alternative, going to the hospital.
Please know my thoughts are with you, and my prayers, and if you feel like talking about it, please call me. I think you talk to AP on the phone, and she has my number, if you want to call. We will all miss you until you are back!! I you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care! And drink lots of water, and don't do anything too wild in the wonder bed, till you are feeling better!
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You get better real soon. I'll be keeping watch on the Yellow Brick Road for you.
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You take care of yourself that is what matters now. Stay out of the hospital, and can you please just zing off a couple more of those ditties while you are down, that you are so known for???

See you soon-you will be missed!
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Darlene, I'm sorry you'll be "away" for three days; but don't worry about us here. Just take care of yourself and return to us safe and sound!

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Sorry that you need to be away! Bed rest can be real dull without access to the internet! But I hope that 3 days will pass away quickly. I hope you have a good book to read.

Take care!
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Take care TLK!! Hurry back!!

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Darlene you'll be sorely missed
Take care!
Love you lots
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Darlene - I miss you already! I hope these three days in the Wonder Bed do the trick, and you'll be back to us for good! Hope you have some good books!
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Please take care of yourself. I will miss you and your wild sense of humor. But your health is more important. By the way, what the hell is a "wonder bed"?????

See you soon!


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Darlene take care of yourself. I will look forward to seeing your posts again.
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Take care, threeleggedcat. I can't imagine what I would do in bed for 3 days, but I have a 5 year old too, so it just wouldn't happen for me. Hope you are back on your feet soon and feeling as well as ever.

PS. I'm with Donna, I've been wondering what a "wonder bed" is for weeks now.
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aaahhhhhh the wonder bed! 3 days will be a long time for you and yours, but I imagine you will have lots of furry company.
Take care of yourself and get back on your pins ASAP.
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Well, I think someone else could probably describe what the wonder bed is, better than I could, but I know that it is one of those beds that adjusts to different positions, and she told us one time about having it in a position where her feet were way over her head, so we all kind of had a running joke about it... That's why I told her not to do anything too wild in the wonder bed, till she was feeling better! Someone else can probably explain it better.
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Gotcha. That would be the "Craftmatic adjustable bed" of late night tv commercial fame, then.
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HEY!! today is the day 3 up?
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it was up last night at midnight.

I would imagine we'll see Darlene sometime today.
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Hope you are feeling better Darlene!
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Darlene, where are you??? We MISS you!!!
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I think Darlene took the wonder-bed on a magical ride and she is off in never never land with the fairies and elves!
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Darlene!!! I TOLD you not to do anything too wild in the wonder bed!!! Come back to us!!!!!!!!!
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