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Ember & Coal

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I had hoped Ember wasn't caught. She got a bit of a belly but even after the belly dissappeared, she still spent most of her time sitting out on my neighbor's porch. Today I discovered that she is a momma for the first time. This is her first litter even tho she is 3 yrs old. I'm hoping to catch Ember and Coal soon.

I just have to wait till Coal is fully weaned.

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I figure Coal is about 2 months old. He's still nursing.

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Sandy, what's the story behind these two darlings? If you posted it earlier,I missed it.

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I was wondering the same

Look at the eyes on Coal
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aww sweet babies. i hope you do catch them soon. i'm asumming they are ferals. do you feed them
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Ember is one of the few ferals in my colony. Mommacat, Smoke (the only cat from any of Momma's litters that stayed), Ember, Beauty and Monster who only comes around sporadically. I've been feeding this colony for about 3 years when Smoke, Misty and Storm showed up on my doorstep, literally. My neighbor and I rehomed Momma, Misty and Storm with the help of Noah's Ark. Ember is between 2 and 3 yrs old...she showed up a year after Smoke, but she's so tiny she could be any age. I've been thru a few heats with her, trying to catch her but since we can't trap consistantly, no luck. And even tho I've seen her mate, she never got pregnant before! So at 3, this is her first litter. I'm not sure if it is 1 or 2 kittens. I've also seen a white kitten.

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They are cute Sandy!
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