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I have a 12 week old kitten who is very inactive, all he wants to do is eat and sleep, no matter what he will not play with any toys. His nose feels warm and very dry and he feels hot. Now our other kitten, who was very very active is acting the same way, sleeping all the time, and never wanting to play.........any suggestions?Are they going to be ok?
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Get your baby to a vet quickly!! If you have a 24hr vet near by I would definetly take him to it. Good Luck
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I would take his temperature first off. Is it hot there outside? It is 97 degrees right now, all my cats feel warm. Most cats have hot or warm noses, but the only true indication of a fever is to take the kitten's temperature (rectally) and very carefully.

The kitten should range between 99-102 any higher, then there is an infection brewing and the body is fighting it off.

Also how does the kitten's eyes look? Do you see the third eyelid creeping over? How is the appetite,

check for dehydration- lightly pinch the skin on the neck, let go, does it go down to normal in a few seconds or stay tented up? If it stays tented get the kitten to the vet NOW!
Has he been to the vet? How recently? Did you flea treat him recently? Or does he just have fleas?
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When a cat becomes inactive and does not eat something is wrong, I would take them to a vet 1st thing in the morning.
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Let me make an educated guess here? You bought an over the counter product and gave your kitty a bath? If so- get this kitten to a vet NOW! Cat's do mutual grooming, if your other kitten went to lick your cat when it was wet and still had product on it, then it may also start feeling bad-
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He doesn't look ill in any way, he eats well, drinks all the time, has regular bow movements, its just that i cant get him to play. when he is not eating, drinking, or going to the litter box, he is sleeping. I didn't use an over the counter product on my kitten, I used a baby shampoo, which I was told by my vet is safe to use on them.
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NicknTeri, this is the third time you've posted about this same kitten's lethargy. You received some helpful replies in the first post you made here. You were advised to keep the kittens separate until you were sure he wasn't ill and now you say the second kitten is showing the same symptoms.

Please take both kittens to a vet to be checked over.
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Isn't that what a message board is for? To post questions to get additional responses. Sorry, I didnt know there was a limit on how many times you can post something
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Board etiquette is not to bog down the entire forumset with multiple postings of the same thread.Either way it seems to me that the lethargy is serious and the majority of people, including the most educated in the field have suggested a vet. I concur with everyone else. Please see a vet. A forum is no replacement for vetrinary medicine. if a kitten has a great lack of energy something is wrong, even if they appear to be otherwise healthy. Not seeing a vet after so many are worried for your kittens, not to mention that you yourself are so worried as to repost it over and over again, gives note to us about responsibility issues. Please be responsible for your kittens health. it could be something severe.
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I took my kitten to the vet and she said the kittens are just fine, he said the male is just adjusting to his new home and the resident kitten is just being protective of her home and is unsure of the new kitten. She now growls everytime we pick her up, but the vet said that she will overcome that once she is used to having the new kitten around, but I do want to thank everyone for their input. One last thing.........message boards are for support not to discourage someone from posting no matter how many times they post!
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Thanks! I took the kittens to the vet, they are doing GREAT!!! The vet said they were just adjusting which is normal with different types of kittens.
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No one is discouraging you from posting, although duplicate posting is not allowed here if that is what you are referring to.

You will find support here, a lot of it, you will find that we are hampered by what is on the screen before us, and no one can give you veterinary advice about how to proceed, especially in light of the fact not one of us has seen this kitten. Most of us just go on our experiences we have accumulated over the time we have been involved with cats. And most of us in rescue tend to overlook the needs of the owner at the time, and concentrate solely on the cat's needs. This is a cat welfare board and we do take that role seriously.
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well, i was concerned about my kittens and wanted all the info i could get even if i had to post it 500 times!!! You can pass over my post if you feel that I am bogging down the mssage board with questions.
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