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new here and need help

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I have a 10-year-old spayed female who stays indoors, except for going on the screened-in porch. She is a silky, semi-long haired car (black) and has for some months had a problem with throwing up right after eating. I feed her only dry cat food and use the furball formula, but it doesn't seem to have any beneficial effect! Her stools are hard and she tends to ocassionally pee and poop on my bathroom floor instead of her litter box! I have tried to get her to take mineral oil, but she won't eat it. She started shedding as usual in the spring, but now is shedding heavily! I would appreciate any ideas.
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My first bit of advice may be to take her to the vet for a physical. When they don't use the litter box, it could be an indication of a health problem. One being a blockage somewhere which would also cause the throwing up.
Throwing up after eating could be a number of things. She could be eating too fast, the food bowls may need to be elevated to help digestion, or the hairball formula may not be agreeing with her system. Once any medical problems are ruled out, I would first raise the food bowls, and if that doesn't help, I would gradually switch her to another food that is better for her. There are several companies now that make sensitive stomach formulas. As far as the shedding goes, it helps if you add Omega 3 and or 6 fatty acids to the diet. You can buy suppliments at most pet stores.
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I appreciate your reply to my post. I wish D.J. could talk so she could tell me what she needs! I've made an appointment with the vet & will elevate her food bowls today. Thanks for caring about others' cats!
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Please let us know how things are going
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