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Please Read!!!!

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I was offline for the night, with no intentions of getting back online, but I had to, after what I saw, just to post this....

I was almost ready for bed, and was watching NBC on TV, and they were talking about what has happened in America, and they said that many people who live next to the World Trade Center are not being allowed back into their homes yet, because it is considered unsafe. Which I understand, but...here were people begging to be let into their homes to get a few of their most precious belongings, and I can certainly understand that, and being denied, which is sad...BUT...they also showed a woman who was begging to be let back into her home because she said that her cats were still there, and had been in there since last Tuesday with no food or water....she was crying...they dismissed her the same as the others, and in the report following, it touched on how sad it was that these people could not get back into their homes yet, to retrieve their posessions, but no mention was ever again made of the woman begging for her cats.

I just sat and bawled!!!!!!! Is there no way these cats can be rescued, if they are even still alive????????

This just haunts me, hearing her plea, and I had to share this with you...I can't even imagine how I would feel if I were her, and my cats were trapped with no food or water, and noone really seemed to care. NBC was more concerned with the people who wanted their stuff out, and couldn't get it! This is SO sad!!!!!!! Is there anything anybody can do????????????
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I heard somewhere today that they have been going in those places and getting all the animals out and tending to them. And when possible giving them back to their owners. If they cant find the owners they are keeping them well fed and cared for. Hope that helps you sleep.

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many of the buildings near the crash zone are unstable. They can't let anyone in until they make sure the building can withstand it. They showed one building a block away from ground zero and one of the steel frames from the WTC was jutting out of it like an arrow. Many people were able to take their pets with them, and an Animal Planet truck stands at the ready to go in the minute they say the word. Ifeel badly for all the animals trapped, but what do you do if you know that more people could get killed inside the buildings that still stand? it's a tough call
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Here is the url for the page on Cnn that tells about the animal rescues that are going on.....

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It's just tough to comprehend for those of us not at "ground zero". I'm not saying that ignoring cats is ok, but the devestation these people have been through has affected them in a way we can't grasp.

A friend of mine emailed me today and told me she watched the towers go down from her classroom in the Bronx. In the chaos and panic afterward, complete with a lack of electricity and telephones, the first rumors New Yorkers heard were that there were similar massive attacks all over the country.

Crowd control can be a very risky situation. To let one woman through may well cause a riot. I believe we just have to stop and try to put these things in the context in which they exist.
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I share your anguish over this terrible situation! Here's another link for you to follow: New York Center for Animal Care and Control. I'm sure everything possible is being done to rescue the abandoned animals; but such a disaster as struck New York city does not bode well for any all-around happy ending, so please steel yourself and know many caring people are working hard to avert further harm coming to the animals.

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There are many shelters and organizations helping these people get this animals. They are asking for crates for the animals that they are rescuing until then can be reunited with their owners. I saw a woman crying because she was able to get her 2 cats and a man who was told he only had 10 mins to get anything he wanted and all he made sure of was that he was able to get his 5 mice out. He didn't care about clothes or anything else as he said that was all replaceable but his mice weren't. One group is asking janitors in buildings who know that tenants have pets in them to go in with them to get them out. There are many groups helping and I'm sure they will get all the animals out. I told my husband that if we ever had to get out, the dogs always have their collars on and the leashes are near by and I have huge dog crates and I'd just put the cats in there and drag the crates out. doG forbid I ever had to evacuate but I do have plans and emergency kits ready. My animals mean more than anything to me and I would do everything necessary to help them and care for them.

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Mr. Cat,

NY CACC is a KILL shelter. Their policy is SUPPOSED to be 7 days to give the owners time to claim them before euthanizing any animal. Unfortunately, they euthanize after 24 hourr, which hardly gives any owner enough time to get there. The reason I know is because Rene rescued one of my cats, Tucker, who was scheduled to be killed the night we took him home. I would never even consider donating anything to that place. My money went to the ASPCA Disaster Relief Fund. The link is in another thread. Just to let you know the reality of this place. Helping Paws has rescued many animals from NY in the past so we know all about their history.

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Thanks to the people who have responded with such kindess, I feel alot better about the situation now, and I know everything that can be done, is being done. Thanks.
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