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My poor kitties

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I will be leaving wednesday morning for vacation and they will all be left behind. Thats bad enough, but while we are gone we are having our kitchen remodeled, so there will be strangers in the house, lots of banging and drilling. I kinda worried about a few of them that like to get out, getting out. They both have collars and takes on, so hopefully they will be brought back home. I will miss them terribly.
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Vacation sounds like fun. Is there anyone else who could keep the babies for you while you are gone? I would be worried about the remodeling also. Oh and one thing I thought of, is there any work being done that will require the use of chemicals. Like wood floor staining, etc?
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Oh, I'm with Squirt.....I'd be a nervous wreck that one of my babies would get out. It's hard to leave them behind, I know. No where you can take them where you know they'll be safe? If not, maybe block them off to a part of the house that won't be open to the remodeling?
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No chemicals that i know of.

My oldest son will be in to feed them and give them water. I had talked to the contractor about blocking off the kitchen and he said that he would put a sheet of dry wall up against the doorway.

Everyone send good thoughts that they will be ok!
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Awwww i'm sure they will be fine. Tell the workmen not to bang too hard!

(((((((((Peaceful vibes for the furbabies)))))))))))
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Is it possible that your kitties could be secured in a seperate room, like a back bedroom while the contractors are in your house? That way they will be less nervous from the work and will be less likely to get outside.
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If you have no other options, I would most definately leave a note in plain sight to remind the contractors to put up the piece of drywall. I deal with sub contractors every day and know that you can not rely on them to remember something like that Not because they can't remember things but because they are so busy. Make sure on the note you also remind them not to let the kittys out. I would double check the chemicals also. I don't know what sort of work you are having done, but you want to make sure with the contractors. Also, are the walls being painted? Wallpaper removed by chemical? I am sure you have all ready thought of these things, but just wanted to mention to be on the safe side. The kittys should not be around to breathe any of that in.
I think the best thing, if any way possible is to close them in a seperate room. That way they are safe from getting out, the dust, and they may even feel more secure. I am sure they will be stressed out with all the noise. Maybe you could even get a Feliway plug in for the room you close them in.
I am sure you will do everything you can to keep them safe, I will say a prayer that they are ok while you are gone
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I agree with Tanya. While it's nice of the contractors to offer, it would be best if they were already closed off just in case they didn't remember, and to keep them seperate form all the goings on. ask your brother to make sure they're in the room the evening before, or that morning before they come in.
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When I had work done in my living room, I would put the boys in the bedroom upstairs. Well, one day, the contractor showed up before I was ready with them. No problem, when the door bell rings, they head upstairs anyway, right....WRONG! Pipsqueek didn't move fast enough so he panicked and went inside my couch to hide. I figured out he was missing about 15 minutes after the contractors started with the hammering and circular saws, etc. When I found him, his eyes were 3 times their normal size and his claws were dug into the cushions. I had to have all the men go into the kitchen while I pulled Pip out.

I also recommend having the cats locked in 1 room while you're gone. Better safe than sorry. Plus it cuts down on their stress.

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