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New Cat owner :)

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Sigh, so I never thought I would own a cat, but it appears I do. My dad cares for some ferels and apparently one had kittens in my neighbors yard and moved them to my garage. We discovered them at around 4 weeks old. They have been living in my garage ever since. 2 we alrady found homes for, and the other 3 are still in the garage. We've been calling around to shelters and rescure orgs., and all refused the kittens, all full .

One of the kittens, the runt of the litter I decided to keep. She's a small black cat and about 2 weeks behind the others. I really need to get her all her exams and shots and have been in search for affordable care. She's eating solid food, but drinking alot of water and I'm finding her stools very watery. That kind of worries me, but I'm also wondering if it's from the water and the cat milk.

Now here is the dilema I have...I have a small dog who seems to be ok with the kitten, BUT, this is the big but...I have 3 pet birds as well. Two are smaller parrots and one is a cockatiel. I'm very concerned about the cat and the birds, it's bad enough I had a dog in the past that slaughtered birds I had. Can a kitten be trained to NOT hurt the birds?? My aunt keeps a cockatiel along with 4 cats, and none of the cat bother the bird.
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Welcome to the site and welcome to the fun world of owning a cat!

Generally when a pet is raised from a baby around other animals it won't view them as prey. I know we have members here with both cats and birds that all get along well. Hopefully they will give you advice, or you could start a thread in Behavior about raising your kitten to be kind to birds.

If you go here: http://savesamoa.org/html/spay_neuter.html#USCan We have listing of sites with listings to low cost spay/neuter programs. Since you are working with ferals in the New York area, also check into www.neighborhoodcats.org
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Welcome to the site....I would really recommend keeping 2 kittens...the runt and a buddy. Kitttens really do well if they have another kitten around.

Thanks for helping these kittens....please keep us posted on getting the mom fixed.

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