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What is your day like?

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I thought it would be interesting to share what a typical day is like in our lives with all our kitty friends........I'll pick a weekday.

My day starts out at 5:15 am. Jerry and I get up, I feed the furbabies,(and believe me they would not let me forget! They stand around my feet rubbing up against me, meowing, etc till I put their 3 bowls down) make our lunches for the day, get breakfast, and we sit until 6:30 when hubby departs. I finish up the dishes, make the bed, get dressed and am out the door by 8:30 for my job which I start at 9. I work as an office assistant. My dream job would be to work as an animal cruelty officer, but until that time comes, it pays the bills.

I work until 5, then head home, get dinner, play with the "kids" for a couple of hours to tire them out, and then depending on what needs to be done, finish up some stuff around the house. I always take time somewhere in there since summer has arrived to go out and water my garden, flowers etc. Usually in bed by 10.

Gees, reading this over, I'm downright dull!
Oh, do any of you do this? Before I leave the house, I always do a head count, to make sure no one is locked in a drawer, closet, etc. I have found Tiggy in the bathroom closet and in a pantry closet in my basement over the last 2 weeks. And I was home! I had just gone a little while without seeing him, and wondered where he was since he's always with me, so I went on a search and find mission till I located him. He's such a little stinker and always climbing into things!
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My kitty routine presently goes like this: get up about 8am, 8:30am (at the latest... Tristan will make a huge pest of himself if I try to sleep in..) and give my boys their dry kibble (1 1/2 cup scoop mature formula in one bowl, 1 1/2 cup scoop of weight control each into 2 other bowls.... though once this bag is done, it'll be 3 1/2 cup scoops of weight control - Tristan, at 1 year and a bit, has decided he loves mature formula best :P )

Then i go downstairs, and measure out Goose's clavamox drops, come back upstairs, and open the kitten room. Catch Goose, and medicate him, then let all three kittens run around like freaks while I scoop their box, freshen their water, and top off their kibble bowls.

Then I'll freshen the water bowls for my big boys, capture the kittens and put them back in their room.

After this Thursday, there'll be no more medication And I'll let the kittens stay out longer.

In the evening (about 8pm) I give Goose medication again, and give the kittens each about 1/2 tablespoon of canned food. Then I split a 6 oz can of medi-cal canned food between my 3 boys - letting tristan & charlie eat in the kitchen, and carrying fluff upstairs to a quiet spot in my room (the kitchen is too noisy for him)

This is every day of the week - as I'm on summer vacation right now and mostly unemployed, my weekday routine isn't much different from weekend Throughout the day I'll clean up after my boys, play with the kittens, cuddle with whomever asks for cuddling...

And if the weather is nice, I'll take Charlie out on his harnass and rope while I read in the yard in the afternoon

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I get up at 7:30, but Ivo usually starts popping in my bedroom at about 6:30 (or when the sun rises here in Cleveland). When I'm finally vertical, Ivo comes running into my bedroom chirping (I love it when she does this). I spend about 5 minutes giving Ivo love and pets. I shower and get dressed, and then I feed her (a whole process, involving filling her dry food bowl and then her wet food bowl and pulling out blades from her cat grass for her to eat). After my breakfast, I usually spend 5 or 10 minutes petting or brushing Ivo before I leave for work.

When I come home, Ivo is waiting on the other side of the door, yelling at me. I put down my things and let her into the hallway for a walk and a cuddle. She usually follows me around for the first 30 minutes when I'm home, but then she perches on her kitty condo to watch the pigeons. I feed her and pet her as she wants it. The night usually ends with Ivo sleeping on her cat condo.
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My alarm goes off, at 5:15 and I hurt my hand, smacking it off. I roll out of bed and drag on my nightshirt, as I stagger to the bathroom. Next stop, the kitchen, where Bill has the coffee ready. Coffee in one hand, book in the other and cigarettes in my pocket, I wade through the dogs to get to my patio chair. The first hits of nicotine and caffeine, hitting my system get my blood circulating.

Just about the time, that I'm finishing the second cup of coffee and cigarette, Bill pauses at my chair, for a good-bye kiss - after petting the dogs, he's off to work. I wade through the cats, to get my third cup of coffee and head back for the patio.

Morning fix attended to, I feed the cats, brush my hair and teeth and get dressed. I load up my backpack (water bottle, spare cigarettes, candy and cellphone) and head out to work.

I spend the next eight hours, fielding phone calls, from people who, for the most part, are too stupid to be driving cars. After-work traffic is SUCH a joy!

As soon as I get home, its time for Jeopardy! - horizontal, on the couch, with Opie on my chest. After Jeopardy! - I read the paper and then hit the computer, for about 1/2 hour (longer, if Bill is cooking).

Dinner, between 5:30 and 6:00, feed the cats again, more reading and computer time. Grab a shower, more reading and computer and bed at around 9:30.

God, I'm boring!
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Oh we're all boring, even so called "glamorous people" as Cary Grant said "even I want to be Cary Grant".

Well I am on furlough from work for this month so the routine is vastly different. I sleep until about 9 or so, if I sleep later he starts getting restless and will jump on me. It's quite funny. Once I am up he always follows me around the house, into the bathroom, sits on the chair in the kitchen while I make breakfast. Goes everywhere I do, I find it endearing but sometimes it makes me hesititate to do something simple cause he is resting comfortably on the couch or something and I don't want him to get up just cause I have to pee!

He usually wants out after I have been up, had breakfast, had a petting session, like an hour or so later. He starts meowing at the door. I let him out, he stays out for about a half hour. I can see him playing outside, chasing moths etc. Meows at the door when he wants back in. He usually naps off and on and wants out off and on for the rest of the day! The life of my little guy!
When I am back at work the routine is pretty much the same but I am up earlier.

Night time is always the same, when the lights go out he gets really snuggly. He can be go go go all day, but once the lights go out he is on my lap wanting attention. It's like the lights going out triggers something to him! So there is a snuggle session and then he goes to the foot of the bed and sleeps all night.
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My alarm goes off at 6.30 a.m or if the kitts are playing in the room it can be anytime between 5.30-6.30.a.m

As soon as i get out of bed they both come running over as if to say "At last, time for wet food" . I then empty their litter trays and top them up. They both follow me into the bathroom, but sometimes Rosie decides to go downstairs before me and sets of the alarm where i have to dash down stairs to key in the security code before it goes off and wakes the street up!.

I put my toast in the toaster and put the kettle on first, then have them both weaving in and out my legs wanting their breakfast.

After breakfast it's time to slap the makeup on with the kitts giving themselves their morning wash.

At 7.25.a.m after getting dressed i hide some treats in the bedroom for Rosie and Sophie to find, Fill their food and water bowls up for the day, then give them both a hug and a kiss, and tell them to be good girls for mum and to be nice to each other and that i'll see them tonight.

I get in from work about 5.30.p.m., and the first thing i do is put my bag down and go and let Rosie and Sophie out . Their both around my feet so i give them both scritches at the same time, then Sophie decides to grab onto my skirt and jump her way up to my shoulder where she purrs like mad . I then empty their litter trays again and sweep up where they scatter the litter

Before i do something for me to eat, they get theirs first!. Then it's a bath for me where the kitts have a nap in the bathroom until i've finished, downstairs, prepare my lunch for work, watch a bit t.v., then bed
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I'm boring, too

I get up at 6:45 and snuggle a few minutes with the boys before I get up and snuggle Moth, who sleeps in the living room. Then I get my daughter up...or at least I try I get her dressed and then get her medications ready. I have to crush and mix some of them and then put them into syringes. Takes about 15 minutes. I finish gettng her ready for school and take her to the bust at about 7:45. After the bus I get home and make the coffee and standard breakfast of English Muffin w/ peanut butter (4 weight watcher's points). While that's cooking I feed the fishies.

Then I get my email and answer questions on the Dreamweaver forum and look around TCS. I refuse to start work till 9 am. At 9 am I make client phone calls (in the US) and then start working. I am lucky in that since I work at home, I get to snuggle my babies as i work and I love it. Working in your jammies and wearing your kitties as slippers is THE LIFE!

I stop work at 2:30 and pick up my daughter at 2:40 from the bus. She comes home and the babies meet us at the door. She spends the next little while snuggling with Frodo while I snuggle with Moth and Pookie and we watch TV for about an hour. Then I start dinner, get meds ready again, feed the fishies their afternoon snack of bloodworms or shrimp.

After dinner we all snuggle together on the sofa (minus the fishies...they're not big on snuggling ) and watch SpongeBob and then my daughter has her medical treatment in the bathroom from 7:00 to 8:15. Then she gets her meds and goes to bed. I usually do tutoring until about 10 pm via the phone and internet (I teach web design and graphics). Then it's aaaaaaaaalll about the kitties and me I am an insomniac and usually don't get to bed before about 2 or so. I like to play with the kitties during that time and maybe watch some tv. About an hour before bed I feed the fishies again and give the kitties their wet food. We then play for a while, really wild play to tire them out! Then we go to bed and I read while they chase each other for a while. When they finally settle, I turn out the light and hope I can sleep

Exciting, eh?
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I try to wake up around 6:45 but usually don't roll out of bed til around 7:15.. Then I wash my hair, get ready for work, make sure roxy has food, water, and a clean box, then I head to work where I answer phones for 8 hours..

I get off about 10 til 5 and usually go home and make some dinner for one. Then I'm do some laundry or clean or wash the cars, whatever needs doing and then i take a shower. Then bf will call and either ask me to come over or say he's coming over, then we will meet up and fight until the wee hours of morning, and at the end we will decide not to fight anymore and fall asleep for 2 hours before the alarm goes off, then the day starts over.

Weekends are a tad more interesting but not by much.
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If it is not watering day, my alarm goes off at 5:15. Wash up, get dressed, do hair, do teeth. Water and feed the ferals and open the gate on the porch. Water and feed the insiders. Have breakfast, maybe coffee if not too rushed, pack water, food for birds at work, lunches. Litter boxes are cleaned after work.

If it is watering day, my alarm goes off at 4:15 because I have three yards to water, two snowbirds and my own. Then we pick up with the regular routine. In the meantime of course, there is gassing up the car, shopping if I have any money, trips to Walgrees for my meds. There is also pruning and keeping the plants in bounds, making sure that everyone is ok and not being burned too badly by the sun and 100 plus degree heat. Then I want to make sure that the insiders are ok and if they need any attention, such as vitamins, supplements, maybe a brushing or two. I am also trying to take a converstational Spanish class on Wednesdays, which messes up my schedule just a little.
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Right now I'm unemployed and taking classes online so my days are pretty free and clear. I get up late, get dressed, go to Dunkins for a coffee, come home and settle in in front of the pc to get whatever homework needs to get done. The last three weeks have been insane with catching up on homework and such. The nice thing is, there's rarely a time when one of the babies are not on my lap. And they've been terrific to have around. When I was working, and I'd work at home for a day, they were very pesty because it was an uncommon event. But now that it's an everyday thing, they just come up on my lap and lie down and take a nap... It's really really great. Not very exciting, but a much needed vacation spent with my little furbabies!
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