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Cultural Differences

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One of the things I love most about the 'Net is the vast variety of cultural backgrounds I come across in the people I meet. I'd like to here from some of you regarding your own backgrounds.. Mine for instance is that I come from a small ,closeknit fishing community in Southern Nova Scotia, Canada. In my town almost everyone knows everyone else. The people who are raised here, usually stay here, or at least return after a brief stint of getting an education. My dad is a lobster fisherman, in fact our area is the Lobster Capital of the World. Now, how about you?
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I'm from Connecticut and was born and raised here. I've thought about moving somewhere else but why?? All of my friends are here (I don't have much family left except for my daughter and two aunts) so it looks like I'm here for the duration. I'd love to see Nova Scotia. I heard it's beautiful.

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Nova Scotia is very scenic...In my immediate area we have 4 different beaches, they are beautiful! I could never live away from the ocean..my hubby and I moved to central Canada a few years ago, and came back here after 3 months...I love the Salty air!!!!
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I was born and raised in Waltham, MA, which is a suburb of Boston. I lived in Germany for about 6 years w/ my husband due to an affiliation w/ the US military ( I was working for a United States Federal Credit Union ). Then we moved back to MA in 2000 and we now live on the south shore on the ocean.
As far as heritage, I am 100% Italian and my husband is 100% German. We are very culturally "open-minded", and someday hope to move again perhaps to a new country!! We hope our children will have the same values as we do.
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Oh yeah,

My mother was German and my father was Dutch.
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I'm just a plain old Heinz 57 variety Canadian. I have Englih,Scottish and Irish in my background and according to Barbara a touch of Cajun (Acadian French)because of my nose. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: No natinality decisions on any other body parts.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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I am from southeast Louisiana. Not really a cajun but have lived among them all my life. I love the bayous, the food and the unique culture we have down here. But I do not love the heat!!! I have as everyone knows been to Canada. I have not yet had a chance to visit Nova Scotia but hope to do so next trip up...got that Wayne? I think the southern part of New Brunswick is just beautiful and the people really friendly.

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I happen to love your beak.... uhhhh I mean nose
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Born and raised in Finland, and spent the most of my life in a small town- although I suppose all our towns are rather small when compared to other countries. Spent the year 1996 in New Zealand, living in a local family and attending local (catholic) school, which was a real eye-opener for me and it's been much easier to get along with people from other cultures since then. Since then been living here near my home town again, but once I get my degree, I plan to work abroad at some point, if at all possible. Studying intercultural communication right now in uni, which is extremely interesting...
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My father's side of the family is of Irish heritage, my mother's French Canadian. I was born at New York city. We moved to Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey when I was a kid, then it was on to Miami in Florida. After military service (San Antonio and San Angelo, Texas; Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands; Da Nang, Republic of Viet Nam) I moved here to Portland, Oregon. In Oregon I've briefly lived at Eugene, Stayton, Albany and White City; but I've always returned to Portland. I made a conscious adult decision to move here, as opposed to it's being an accident of birth. It's my town!

Apart from the years at Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey, I've never warmed up to small-town life. I like the city! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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Well as the only UK'er on this thread so far, here goes: I was born a raised in a town called Southampton (Englnd) a nice town very close to water, lots of nice places to go to be by the sea, I have 2 older sisters (lucky Dad eh? - living with 4 women!!! heh heh) My parents and one of my sisters still live in Southampton but my other sister and I have both moved away (unfortunately ...snif.....mummy...) We still see each other occaisionally but not too often as we're kind of all over the place.... My Dad is a Chartered engineer (designs refrigeration units for transportation etc) and is great at fixing cars!!! (Thanks Dad!) My Mum is a "stay at home Mum" - well, "stay at home Wife" now I guess, seeing as we've all left!! Pretty boring so far eh? :laughing: Now I live with my husband in a place I just cannot get used to!! I've lived here for a year and I still never know where I am!! Im always lost!! Hopeless...
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I am Irish, English, Dutch and German. I guess I'm a mixed nationality. My husband is German and French. We are both Americans and Southerners. We love living in Florida. The weather here is the best in the winter but even the hotter months are nice to us. We are used to it and it doesn't seem as hot or humid to us anymore. People are friendly and this has almost all the features that other states have. We have the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, forests as thick as any I have seen in the West and lots of beautiful plants and flowers. We do not have mountains or snow, but they can be found not too far from here in other Southern states.
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My mother and father are mostly English and German, so that makes me English and German too. My husband's mother is mostly English and German, also. His father is 100% Italian...Sicilian to be be precise. His dad was a baby when they came to this country.
I was born and raised in Western New York (near Buffalo). Grew up on a dairy farm...lots of work, but it was OK. I'm 14 & 15 years younger than my 2 sisters so a lot more was expected of me as far as working on the farm. We had some better machinery to work with than when my sisters helped out, but my father doubled the size of the herd by the time I was old enough to help.
My husband & I moved to Delaware 12 years ago because he knew the place where he worked was going to go out of business soon. It was a toss-up between here and Tennessee. We chose Delaware for several reasons. We wanted to get away from all the snow storms. It rarely snows here. Both of my sisters had moved here and we thought it would be nice to have some family near by. No sales tax was also a good incentive.
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For the first time in my life I'm able to answer this question. I'm adopted and just recently found out my heritage.

My mother is half Romanian Gypsy, and half Spanish. My father was 3/4 German and 1/4 Irish.

I'm a mutt.
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Hey AP!! - Don't forget it is a well known fact that most "mutts" are more intelligent than the "pure breds" hee hee!! :laughing:
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good point!

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I was born in Texas, but lived most of my early life in North-Central Florida. Got my Ph.D. at Florida State Univ...Go Noles!!! I did my residency in Charleston, SC and lived for about 5 years in Washington DC. Moved to Kentucky to teach and have been here about 9 years now. I'm part Cherokee, Choctaw, Scottish, German, and Irish. I've lived in large, medium, and tiny cities and there are great advantages to them all. I miss D.C. and Charleston greatly, but have adapted to small town life.
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I'm Heinz 57 - Both of my Grandfathers were 100% german (one blond German - one black haired German), my one Grandmother is 100% English and my other Grandmother was a little bit of everything!

My husband is 50% Irish and 50% Checholvoic (sp) so as his parents put it - He's Checks mix <giggle>.

Heather V. Havel
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Air Princess... what is a mutt?

As I am half french, half brazilian, living in Portugal... I haven't the faintest idea what's a mutt...

Oh and my sons are half-french, half portuguese since my husband is portuguese... And y friends are from all over the world...

Anne-Claire (perplexed)

Originally posted by airprincess
For the first time in my life I'm able to answer this question. I'm adopted and just recently found out my heritage.

My mother is half Romanian Gypsy, and half Spanish. My father was 3/4 German and 1/4 Irish.

I'm a mutt.
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A "mutt" is someone who isn't 100% of something (German, Irish, Italian). Many of us also use the term Heinz 57.

My fathers side is English & German. His father came over from England as a child, so that side is 100% British. His mother's side is of German heritage arriving here mid 1800's. The German side supposedly has some French and Pensylvannia Dutch. French because of the Germany/France border is the area they came from and Pennsylvannia Dutch after settling here.

My mother's is definitely Heinz 57 because they came over in the early settler days from England. We know that there is English and Native American.

John Sevier, the first Governor of Tennesse is my great, great, great, great, great, (I don't know how many greats but you get the picture) grandfather. I am also Related to Shirley Temple-Black by marriage.

My fiance's family is Guatemalan with Mayan, Spanish and European. Our children really will be mutts !
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I am 95% German, born and raised in Iowa. I married a 100% cajun (his grandmother spoke no English, only French). I always thought that when I got married I would have a name easier to spell and pronounce, but lo and behold I went from bad to worse! Goettig to LeBoeuf.
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Pamela - LOL! I always say the reason I married my husband is because his last name was so nice, Taylor. My last name was Stuemke before I married, and it cause me no end of grief.

I have quite a bit of German in me, as my dad is 100% German. My great grandmother moved here from Germany, I believe. On my mother's side I get some German, but mostly Norweigan. So I'm a mutt too!
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I was born and lived for 6 years in NY. My mother remarried and we moved from NY to Athens Ohio, then to Clinton, Iowa which is where I am today. My family is in Texas, Ohio, Ny and Nj. I am English, Irish, Jewish & polish. and my better half is dutch and german. pretty wierd combination huh?
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I was born in Cyprus,as my dad was in the RAF at the time,I came back to England when I was about 18 months,so sadly I don,t remember Cyprus. I,m hoping to go back one day,I believe its a beautiful country.

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So I am a mutt also hehe!

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I, too, am 100% mutt and proud of it. My mother is Irish and French, and my father was German and ??? His mother was an orphan, so we never did know what that other fourth was. I am A Connecticut Yankee, born and raised here, except when I briefly lived in New Jersey.
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My mother's side is from Greece; there were Turks living in Greece years ago.

My father is called a Yoruk, which means 'Turk coming from Middle Asia'...Ancient Turks looked more like Chinese/Mongolian people.

Turks lived on almost half of the lands in the world. So there is nothing as pure Turk ! Everyone was mixed way in the very past; some with Europeans, some with northern Africans, some with Arabs & some with slit-eyed nations

I look more European whereas my brother looks more Asian; he's got slightly slit eyes.

If you watched "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", & if you remember the bandit lover of the girl who comitted a suicide (I forgot her name) singing a song in the cave, that song was a little bit Turkish

Aristocat, I don't know about the southern Cyprus but I have been to Northern Cyprus, (which is the Turkish part), & didn't find it an attractive place..
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Oh boy, here goes:
Native American

Those are the ones I know about. There might be others that weren't "official".
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well there goes a pure bred Bulgarian for you nothing interesting *snifs*
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Ahhh don't fret Billie love - Im nothing interesting either!! 100% English!! at least you can speak the language of a different country!! - I can't even do that!! (Well, the only thing I can remember is how to ask someone to go to the cinema with me in french!! Usefull eh? :laughing: )
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