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a little board magic if you could spare me please

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last Tuesday afternoon, Carol was at home fresh from our trip to Monaco (met Roger moore by the way), anyway, Thomas went and out and sniffed the air. he never and I mean never goes beyond the end of the drive. Am lucky enough if he goes on the grass!
Anyway, I can only assume that the draw of the sun etc was too much and I have spent the last week looking for him. Hes not been home and we are at a loss as to where he can have literally vanished into thin air. I have spoken to the rescue homes, the police, checked the post office and newsagents etc for ads saying cat found and nothing. I have been out and posted a note through each of the houses - about 25 in the street all asking if can check out houses etc - all to no avail.
Kate tells me a little board magic tends to work wonders - so I am desperate for some and for my cat back. I am cat less and its hard for me.
Any ideas what else I can do? How long does one leave it before I assume the worst ? Should i get rid of his stuff - litter tray etc or just keep hoping.
So, can you lot work a little magic please?
Would be grateful
Many thanks

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Oh NO!! Kevin I'm sending vibes as hard as I can! Come Home Thomas!!!
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Thomas, come home right now!!!!
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Kevin perhaps this article will help you
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Originally Posted by hissy
Kevin perhaps this article will help you
Hissy - an excellent article and am gonna take a set of my trainers outside - I guess I can hang one up and the other place near the shed. He tended to go out that way but cannot get in it.
Many thanks and best wishes to you

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Good vibes making their way over the ocean from me to you Kev ! Keep us updated, please!
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You must be so worried, Kevin. Hurry home, Thomas!
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Thomas come home!

sprinkling magic cat alluring dust around and hoping he materializes soon.

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Kev- I am so sorry. Thomas get home! I am saying a prayer for him that he gets home safely and soon. Don't give up. Our neighbors indoor cat ran away for 3 weeks. They just found her recently.
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Kev, don't give up! He has to be around somewhere! This may sound weird, but have you checked out the neighborhood he previously lived in (even if he was an indoor cat)? Cats seem to have an incredible homing instinct; my parents adopted a cat that kept returning to her former house (across the street) after her owner's widower moved far away, and we've been having a bit of a bother with a former neighbor's cat that wants to live in the "old neighborhood", preferably at our house. I'm talking miles and miles here. At any rate, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you find Thomas!
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Come home Thomas! Don't give up hope Kev. Sometimes it just takes time for them to wander home. And sometimes they're in the back yard just too frightened to meow!

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Kev sending good vibes to you. Please Thomas hurry home now. Will say a prayer for him to come home Kev. He could still turn up yet. Don't get rid of anything, don't give up.
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OH NO! Sending all the come home right NOW Thomas vibes to you! silly cat! come home!!!! Daddy is worried!!!!
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Never give up hope! My husband had a cat disappear once for 2 years and then came back!
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My thoughts are with you and Thomas!!

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Sending you mega good vibes!!! Thomas...little sweetie...COME HOME!
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Thomas..meow, meow..hurry home little boy, you have a marvelous dinner waiting for you, salmon and shrimp..and warm hugs and scritches from Dad for dessert...COME HOME!
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sending you lots of positive vibes to keep you peaceful during this period of time...

sending Thomas lots of home coming vibes...

sending vibes to direct Thomas home.... come home thomas.... enough of the sun and wild outdoors... we are all worried sick!!
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((((((((((Come Home Thomas,Mum And Dad Are Missing You)))))))))))
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I am so sorry you are missing your baby

I will say a prayer for his save return
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We'll be thinking about you and Thomas...may he come home safe!! Let us know the updates!
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Come home Thomas !!! We are worried
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